"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

May 23, 2006

The picture is of the days when BITS Alumni and Students were helping the Tsunami Victims to regain back their lost dreams...In this picture is seen a man wearing a BITS,Pilani T-Shirt ...with BITS written in ASCII binary-codes..

May 15, 2006

Reservation Blues
Homecoming was fruitful , relieved from that boiling land of pilani ... Just the previous night , my nocturnalness was still at its very best (thanks to BITS,Pilani ) , It was a long time since I last switched on to the NDTV news channel , generally I am good at watching news when there's nothing else interesting coming on the other channels , I found out that this reservation thing was getting worse , students being beaten up by the hawaldars , the demonstrations are also making ther fingers count in other parts namely Amritsar/Orissa/Mumbai/Delhi , and somehow I sense that this may end up as a nationwide doctors-strike at the end of this month , I wont like to put up my opinion here as these demonstrations to me , nothing more than the uglier-side of an indian , someone who will not miss an oppurtunity to dive into the ongoing procession and to raise his voice for any damn cause .
The DaVinci Code , well, an interesting piece of religious relolution,perhaps religion demolition ... the book did a great business , so will the movie, no doubts. But then ... even though the movie is doing great business , and no christian in all other christian-majority countries never opposed the screening of the movie .... it was the 'indian-christian' who though that the movie is against his religious-beliefs , I wont say its his fault , just an uglier-side of an indian ....demonstrations....and more demonstrations ... and somehow you and me , irrespective of how much we hate the system , will put up our voice in it and further ignite the already burning issue ...

May 10, 2006

Just a little myriad achievment ....
"God's Own Country" - A Poem By Bandan Jot Singh , published in Musings-Vol.5 ,Bits Pilani

Still wonder why they have distributed the Musings magazines to only the ones who have got their poetic pieces in it...it should have been made available to the junta ... anyways I would be putting up online-version of the same on my blog ... :)

May 6, 2006

It was rather a dusty view,I was running at speeds nearing speed of light..
I was following someone, who didnt knew I existed ,
Everything was blurry , considering the tremendous speeds , so true!
I lost myself , I lost the one who didnt knew I existed,
My eyes were weary , everything went dim,
I wanted to be awake,so that I could atleast hear 'it' breathe,
Though I wasnt panting , just a hoarse wind whooshing through my lungs,
'It' reminded me of 'fringes of tall palm trees' and small water bodies,
But I lost the view, 'it' wasnt there nomore , no empty cause to force my pride,
I decided to slow down, then I found a ray of hope,
Thy heard a song , mesmerised by 'her' voice , I was magnetised, attracted..
I followed the ray of light , and I was at my arm's length , to touch...
She ran away ............... and I woke up from a dream , fighting my own grudge...