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May 25, 2008

[Travel] : India-Pakistan Border
[Best Viewed in Internet Explorer , otherwise the thumbnails get all jumpled up]

From left to right and going downwards:

1. The 'sthal' where Akbar was crowned the next King of India after news about his father's death reached him.This was around 1569. (He was 13 then).I never knew he was crowned in Punjab .. !!

2.This is a high zoom shot , spanning over 4 and half kms of Pakistan Land . This is the Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara which is now in Pakistan . Guru Nanak spent his last few years here doing farming after his 'four odysseys' or 'char udaasiyan' . You can only see this Gurudwara from a high platfrom in India so that you can see atleast 5 kms into the Pakistan Land.If you are having a look at this image , the Gurudwara is a 'white' coloured structure that you can see admist the barren land.Blurred because highly zoomed.

3.A 4X zoom view of a Pakistani army-post , about 2 kms from the place I was clicking from.

4.The 'chola' or the 'long cloak' that Guru Nanak used to wear while he was in his last days at the Chola Sahib Gurudwara.This cloak times to around 1539 A.D.

5.Indian army post.You can see a jawan climbing .There was a BSF Canteen also nearby , we had some tea and drinks over there before leaving the place.

6. The official Indo-Pakistan border or the 'sarhad' .