"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Dec 19, 2009

Yahoo-ligans! ....and Symbolism!

It is now very apparent that the thin line between observing and then executing has been widening now. Even though all the cumulative efforts of the intellectual lot of the human race over the period of couple of thousand years were directed at more vivid and clear understanding of observation skills and the required actions, we have miserably failed to comply with it and have ended up being symbols.

It is not only visible in world politics, public and social environments but also very much pervaded in our own lives. Being morally conscious has just become a part of wider symbolism. All our customs, traditions and religious rituals have become very symbolic in the sense that they all inklings towards the teachings of our prophets and the men we consecrate.In a very lucid sense, we are all now what we were told that we are , when we were born and not actually what we are meant to be. We have adopted lifestyles and routines that are more rewarding and more lucrative during the time we practice them but they slowly turn into totally worthless habits of selfish desires when it all ends someday.

When I say 'we', I am not addressing anyone in particular but those who do understand what I have and will be saying.. are getting self-addressed here. The magic wands of our leaders in form of eloquent speeches serve the purpose of assuring the country men that we will eventually be safe someday, but they fail to execute it to the level where we start witnessing the change actually. The fault not entirely lies with them. When the sheep are all indifferent , the shepherd's authority is just a symbol of worthless power.I hope you understand about the prevalent symbolism in every human endeavor I am talking about.

It exists in our lives , in our education system and every model that is attached to our lives. The protests and wars over country borders , state borders , separate independent extremist struggles , struggle for minority emancipation and struggle for much more are all part of a wider term called symbolic-protests. All these protests are real to start with , become horrible when violence chips in but end up being symbolic when they are not helped or their demands not realized as they should have. As they say "One side's freedom fighter is other side's terrorist", so you are never sure which side is right, its relative . The two political sides pounce on each other and don't actually take into consideration for whom they are actually working,that is "we". Talk about our own Government, even though things don't look that bad in the context of the present, but over a period of time, this so called democracy has just been a foul play.As I said in my previous posts, if you put worms and flies together and elect a beetle as their leader there is meant to be a chaos.In situation like ours, where our Government is concerned about the Maoists , the Telangana problem , the North Indian power struggle, the J&K border problem, the Gorkhaland problem, the Marathi chauvinism in Maharasthra , the Orissa and Gujarat riots, Arunanchal Pradesh border problem and the countless extremist organisations like RSS , VHP and Bajrang Dal who are venomous, India is a perfect potpourri. But it doesn't get worse even then , our prime minister still has the courage to deal with all these problems and still go to Copenhagen climate summit at Denmark and claim India will cut emissions. Like the poor care if India would cut emissions or not, they are smart enough to know that out of all that is possible , this is certainly not their revival plan. One way or another, India does not stand for highly popular three words 'unity in diversity' , but it stands for a country still living with its cuts and wounds and would continue to do so as long as we have diversity.In this sense, diversity becomes our strength, it atleast gives us a reason why there are problems in India unlike other countries who have a single religion and closely bounded communities and still fail to prove "unity in uniformity"!!!

Symbolism in the world is very prevalent, lets leave aside India. Take the United States, they stand for power, thats their symbol if India's is "morality". So everything they do stands for power.Even in the recent COP-15 summit, USA was meant to dictate the terms at the table, Obama's symbolic great speech's were meant to influence the great leaders present. This symbolism of 'power' has been existing even at the Israel-Palestinian border, Indo-Pak Border ,Afganistan and Iraq .

The problem that the world faces today is that its too much of symbolism and no action. The governments know that the protesters will ultimately tire down, some might even be killed but eventually nothing would happen, protests have become a 'symbol' and actually do not influence Governments anymore, take the case of Maoists who are protesters-turned-militants. Take LK Advani's Rath Yatra through which he pervaded Hindutva through the lengths of the country but not making much sense since the country has five more religions!.. probably he forgot it and in order to appeal to the Muslims later, went to Pakistan and praised Jinnah!! Indian politicians eventually end up opening the Pandora'a Box. Even in our own lives, though we endorse greener environment , we actually do not actively involve in it, we just support it like that would help, our thoughts have become 'symbols' which are moral but eventually are failures.

Symbolism in India has affected it much more than many other countries if I talk of. Symbolism combined with action is what we really need. A good example is Gandhi's Dandi March to make Salt , it was symbolic as it struck at the core of British economy and was obviously very practical. We may learn small and big things from life about relationship, society , cultures and more. But it makes no sense if we just follow our religions and our cultures just for the sake of symbolism, we have to live through them and carry them forward through actions, which was what I started this post with.If we want changes, we need our own actions and not mere protesting. You are not XYZ because you were born XYZ, if you don't like XYZ... you better be ABC , I don't care but then be an awesome ABC ..!

Sep 22, 2009

The Perfect Plan

Indians are known for their chauvinism ,love for bollywood (tolly , dolly, polly's included) , drop-of-hat vengeance plans,askance looks , leg-pulling tendencies , love for western culture and most varied ways of giggling. Now more than 60 years independent , we are still bounded , and because I am not a sanctimonious lecturer and I am still a callow young man , I am not going into details of it. All considerate and concerned bunch of Indians know this fact , that we are bounded. Being the largest democracy is in itself chaotic literally. Take a mosquito , housefly and honeybee ,put them together and appoint an earthworm as the leader , you have chaos.Our sensex is chaotic and only thing we are most concerned about is whats the current Rs. --> $ conversion , like dollar would be our perfect Elysian plan , our gateway to heaven.

On our fresh mornings , when we wake up and look outside the window , we see something chaotic (Kids crying , 15 different kinds of vehicles with 15 different kind of horns blazing) , and when we do that famous trick (Close your eyes , think of something good , open your eyes ,take a deep breath and everything looks just fine) , it doesn't work , what you see post-trick is 30 different vehicles with 28 different kind of horns and more kids crying.And all you do is take a deep breath and carry on with your day.

The problem with India is the part where we all 'start' thinking. We have got so much to defend that we have almost forgotten how to fight and take over something.Take for example Indian media , it shows you the best of the worst happening in the country and God do we like it !! .We absolutely love it when pigs fly (H1NI) , we absolutely care about why the Khans of the industry are not getting along with each other , and we are so seduced by the the game of politics.What fun would it be if a leader campaigned , without fighting the opposition? , What fun would it be if Dhoni performs everytime ,at the end of the day , its Indian team , their performances should be chaotic! , Indian Team on a bad day can lose to Kenya , but its fine with us because we are used to it.

We absolutely love it when western countries praise Indian software people.Obviously , if I had 10,000 people working for me even in Ghana , I will send them gratitude notes.Keep working guys , you are the cheapest available !

The solution to all this and more lies in one simple idea: 'The Way We Think' . If we had just stop worrying about debts , we wouldn't get more debts. Its like this energy flowing in this Universe , thinking about debts attracts debts , law of attraction. Or take for example "I don't want any more terrorist attacks" , the law of attraction starts working , you have more of them. Anti-war policies attracts more wars , it is very obvious the coming wars would be bigger and more debilitating. Indian techies have always been worried if US would , ever in future, start downsizing on Indian software people , there you go , its happening right now. But this law never works in the wrong directions always. We always thought (mostly because of our mindsets) , we can't have a stable Government in India , there you have it , Congress 10 years in power. Law of attraction doesn't care what you think , it just works . where your mind is.

So how does it help India? , So if you understand what I just said , the solution is clear. Instead of worrying if China would take us over (which it already has, law worked!) , focus on strengthening India.Instead of worrying about terrorist attacks (and begging Pakistan ) , strengthen our security networks. Instead of worrying about rising prices , focus on alternative contingent plans.
The law is simple , wherever your focus is , it will happen. Its like the general attitude problem that some people have .If you worry about 'not being nice' , you will end up hurting someone eventually.India needs an overhaul.

"I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there." -Mother Teresa

Shall we start thinking better .....now?

(Inspired through my reading of the book 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne )

Jun 28, 2009

Land Of The Rising Moon

In retrospect , I think the moments always slipped away;
I glowered at you through my half-open windows!
While each of your generosities melted parts of my Heart away..

No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something, the collapsed feeling under your skin that you didn't experience it all. ..

Jun 7, 2009

Lahual and Spiti Valley || The Travelogue

"Wrapped in a polythene , tucked away safe in my mind, a little goodbye maybe or just a passing smile.."

Day 5
, Rajat and I were humming to the tunes of Coldplay's Yellow followed by Summer of 69 and some popular bollywood numbers , the German Couple were not interested but our Trek guide was constantly giving cheeky smiles like he knew every song but wasn't in the right mood to sing them along. We were sitting at the back of a Government pickup jeep which gave us lift from Kunzum peak at 4551 m height towards Batal Village (3800m) . Kunzum pass marks the start of the beautiful Spiti Valley , we had trekked from Batal to Kunzum Pass , roughly 12 kms to visit a Buddhist Monastery over there.I always wonder how do these people survive in such wintry lands.But the feeling was great , we were low on oxygen throughout the trek and out of 5 of us , only 3 of us could make it to Kunzum pass as two of my buddies had to return back owing to bad blisters on their feet.
Kunzum Temple was a small settlement in a huge snow land consisting of the conventional stupas and a priest humming the holy verses. They were least interested in us , and continued witht their chores. We paid our homage to the sage and decided to leave the place as soon as possible , as we had promised the government jeep that we would return in 5 minutes. We sat in the pickup truck and met Ingo and Toro too , who were German couple living in India for last one year , and earned their income through a Guest house near Manikaran.
We returned to Batal at around 3 in the afternoon , after a breathless trek to Kunzum and then a gifted lift we got from the Government jeep. On our parting , I offered the German couple any help , they just smiled with a big thank you , then we dispersed into our tents we had setup on the night of Day 4. Many of the tourists were stuck at Batal as the roads from Batal to Manali was closed due to a glacier , so they lacked a proper shelter , Rajat gave one of the tourists his sleeping bag , and we all collected some jackets we were not using for the night to the people.This night we were pretty tired and decided to rescind any plans of playing 'Poker In the Candle Light' as we had been doing previous nights.

Prateek along with me used to sleep in one tent , and Rajat, Nikhil and Sumit in the other tent. Before sleeping we used to light a candle to make the tent a bit warmer and comfortable , As the night's sleep slowly grasped me , I had a flashback of all the days we had spent on this Trek , the Day 1 to start with...

Day 1 ( Chattru - 3300 m height)
We boarded a Taxi from Manali to a small Vilage called Chattru and decided to camp their for the night, we were pretty excited about the 17 km trek from Chattru to Chota-Dara which we had to start the next day. Prateek ,Nikhil and myself decided to peel some Onions sitting on the numerous striated rocks that walled our tents. Sumit gave us some handy tips on peeling! , he had most of the wisdom as far as coking was concerned , and was undoubtedly the 'cook of our Trek' !! :P , But the Guide was equally helpful and we came to know about his skills in cooking when he along with Sumit prepared a delicious Rice-Dal meal for the night.It generally goes dark around 6:30 pm there , so we got into our tents quick before the chilly winds could thwart any of our plans. We discussed if the 'food' we had bought was enough to survive for 10 days and decided to buy some Kerosene from the Village Dhaba in case our stoves run out of it.This was our first night , we were excited , eager and fresh.We played Poker for around 2 hours till our eyes gave in , and we went into our tents for our first night at the camp.

Day 2 (Trek from Chattru to Chota-Dara , 17 Kms)

We started at around 10 in the morning after a simple Bread Jam Breakfast. The first few Kms of the trek were damn quick , the 10-15 kg rucksack that each of us carried seemes like a cotton bag for a while .It was after around 5 kms , that Prateek started having itch around his toe area , a sure indication of a future blister. Rajat was the only one who was walking without any problems. Even I started having problems with my feet , with land so barren and full of rocks , its difficult to avoid a blister or two. After around 7-8 kms , we sat for our packed-lunch which was some Chapati's along with Egg Bhurji , the stoppage was a well deserved rest as every inch of cloth on our bodies started seeming like a Kg each. Dragging around 12 Kgs of rucksack for 17 Kms was a mammoth challenge for each one of us, and by the end of it we were all so tired that we were worried for all the days that were to come. I had a severe Knee problem , that I had developed during my Long Distance running practices for BITS Athletics Team in my second year , Prateek had a really ugly blister , Sumit had developed digestion problems and mild fever , Nikhil had general tirednedd and Rajat was the only one looking good.We discussed during the night in our tents whether to start for the Trek the next day or not. I had made it clear , that if my Knee problem continued I won't be able to walk the next morning.Everyone was being pretty hospitable to each other and we decided to see how everyone was behaving the next morning to decided whether to trek for Batal or not.
Day 3 ( Rest Day at Chota-Dara)

As soon as I woke up , my Knee had developed bad pain and Prateek's Blister was looking worse , so we all decided to rest at Chota-Dara for the the day. I applied a lot of 'moov' around my knee joint area and did nothing but rested in the tent for the whole day while others went around the place and clicked some beautiful pictures of the valley at 3500 m above sea level.After a promising day of rest , and all hopes for the next day retsing on me and Prateek , we ate some Rice for the night and rested for the night after a long round of poker :) ..

Day 4 : Trek from Chota-Dara To Batal ( 15 Kms)

We heard that a pickup truck goes every morning to transport labour from Chota Dara to a point where the road from ChotaDara to Batal was blocked which was roughly 8 kms from Chota Dara. So we got ready by 9 in the morning and started waiting for the truck , in the meantime we had a clicking session during which we posed all we could :P , and also clicked a Team pic , consisting of 5 of us , 2 porters and 1 guide.
During the Trek...

The truck had dicthed us , after an hour of waiting , we decided to walk all by ourselves , we were fresh from wounds and were still very fragile. I was all the way hoping my knee troubles wont come back.
After three hours of walking and roughly covering 6 kms , we were lucky to get a vehicle on our way which was going towards the Batal till the point where the road was blocked. So the driver agreed to drop us till that point for 200 bucks , we quickly packed our luggage into the jeep and sat on top of it. This was one of the best moments of the trip. After a day of rest , and sunken hopes , we were back to trekking instead of the bad knee pains ,blisters and running fevers.The journey on top of the jeep was amazing , on my left was a deep valley and I was clinging to the jeep carrier with just one of my hands , it was wild , and next part of the trek was to be more challenging , we were to walk on the snow for a couple of Kms which was majorly the part of the road which was blocked. We were the first trekkers of the season to successfully pass through the frozen snow to reach Batal as all the previous tourists , mostly in vehicles had to return due to road block.
After walking for around an hour in snow , we decided to sit for lunch.Moreover , our feet were damn cold due to cold water seepage into our shoes , thanks to the good sun shine , I was able to dry my shoes , otherwise my feet had felt like a frozen toe kept inside a freezer :P , After much needed rest , we covered the last 5 km stretch non-stop , with me and Sumit leading the rest. I reached Batal 10 mins before everyone else :) , and it was sweet success after all the previous day drama , Batal was a lonely planet with no human around except the Dhaba wala , and a guy from Chandigarh who was stuck there due to road block.

Back to Day 5 ... ( Batal to Kunzum Peak Trek)

We came to know that Chandertal Lake road was blocked due to heavy glaciers on the way , so our guide took us towards Kunzum Peak which was at a higher altitude than Chandertal Lake , now we were trekking towards the Spiti Valley , after walking through almost whole of the Lahaul Valley. Spiti Valley can be easily recognized by barren mountains with no greenery whatsoever , somewhat like the popular Ladakh Landscape. Spiti Valley is known for its devout Buddhist population. So out of 5 of us , Prateek and Nikhil returned half-way as their blisters had made it an utter pain to walk , leaving me , Sumit and Rajat to walk along with the Guide towards the Kunzum Peak.
Here oxygen was a major problem , the shortcuts that Guide provided us with took most of our breath away. I could hardly walk a couple of steps before I had to regain my breath again. Even the feet were giving in , Sumit was also facing breathing problems but the Guide seemed immune to any sort of breathing problems. So very slowly but steadily we moved towards the Kunzum peak which was always visible from far due to the colourful flags that adorned the Buddhist Monastery at the top.But reaching there became a terrible hard work for all of us. Occasionaly , we used to find ourselves stuck inside soft-snow and glue-like mud , sometimes the slope was so steep , we didnt even had time to stop and regain breathing , so through hard and tough , we kept walking.

On reaching Kunzum , we were met at the peak by a Govt. official who was inspecting the roads , and offered us lift back to Batal , it was here we met 'Ingo and Toro' , the German couple who had come from Laso (Spiti) and were stuck at Kunzum , so the Govt. Jeep was a welcome relief! , the German couple then accompanied us all the way back to Manali , taking lifts along with us , I had a healthy talk with them during the trek and came to know they lived a complete nomadic life in india , and next they plan to move to australia...

I opened my eyes and saw myself in the bedroom of a Hotel at Manali , last 7 days were like pure challenge and I again remembered my favourite moment of the trip , Rajat and me humming the tunes of Coldplay's Yellow ...
"Badle raaste jharne aur nadi
Badle deep ki tim tim
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi
Badle barkha ki rim jhim
Badlengi rituen ada
Par main rahungi sada
Usi tarah"

May 10, 2009

In a Flick Of My Eye

Don't follow me , I am lost too

We are moving in circles into a never ending abyss

Don't cheat me , I am engrossed too

We have been doing this to each other for so long now

Don't call my names on lazy afternoons

When we could have been like curled hairlocks in mornings

Don't open my door again

We have been changing locks to it for ever since

Don't pray for my wellbeing

We have been endlessly confessing it to the Gods above

Don't fall right in my arms ever again

We have been catching each other forever since...

Apr 13, 2009

Days Go By

If skies will remain blue forever ,the voices shall speak and smiles would aver..
then I thought~~,
If it was even this much true , atleast the smiles will continue forever~~..
The differences shall dissolve, the cause would be yours atlast,
A sudden ray of hope smiled through the lips and said this one might be the last..
Is it an enigma or a vicissitude of my own existence?
Blurred ,yet walking , a thorough penance~~..

And the days go by like they always do,
Dawn to dusk ,from dryness to dew..
I succumbed to the faith that I'd put in you.
A sudden end to what could have been something new..

A memoir that would fade into neverending~~..
And in the Wind of all that's been said and done before..
I'll wish that we were something more.

Apr 4, 2009

When everyone takes a day off..

Talking about potential , endurance and a plan.There is always one of these we need to propogate smoothly through these lives of ours. A sudden blink of an eye when that sharp beam of sun-ray pierces through our sensitive vision , or an occasional scream when something brings chills down our spine , we are delicate right from where we start and where we plan to end. In the middle of commercialism and behind black-shaded sunglasses , we are aware.Aware that there is something you fear , something you would avoid just to maintain an image of yours , something you know you are not good at , something that keeps you surfaced . A voice often speaks within each of us , telling us there is a lot of truth we don't know , a lot we can't comprehend , a lot we aren't meant to know...

Few days back , on another of the frequent trips , I planned to dive out of the raft like I used to do at the municipality swimming pool during school , only difference was that it had been years since I swimmed last and the water was freezingly cold. With life boat around , the fear wasn't swanning around much , plus I knew how to swim. I saw others diving one after another , it was sort of cool , everybody oscillating with the water contours and the waves, until I decided to try out swimming along with the water current and maybe cross the raft , nothing was planned , it was just one of those childish urges you get when you dive into known domains. Few minutes on , I stopped to get some of the breathing back , it had been more than a lot of minutes since I was swimming arduously. Soon to my knowledge, I couldn't get my breath back , the life jacket was a bit too tight , I carelessly loosened some of the jacket straps so that my lungs could take in more but the problems increased , with no motion below, my legs were freezing . I soon realized its not a bad idea to dive into waters with a life jacket , but it is definitely not advised to swim ( with proper technique) with/against the current at low temperatures . #1: Lower temperatures require more effort from the body per activity. #2 Blood regulation slows down , you need more breathing per inhale when you tire down at low temperatures. I immediately started cycling with my feet without moving upper body, I knew this old trick from my coach (whom until now I considered to be useless) ,  the friction between water and body keeps the blood going plus I loosened up the straps a little to get back my breathing.It worked and I could sustain myself till the raft could reach me and pull me up.

Seven years back , family planned a trek , 20 km long , once way. So basically I have this problem of digesting stale food (.. dont laugh , some people can..) , so all the paranthas that I ate from some dhaba were basically not planning to metabolize soon , they all started coming up. And the problem was I was in the middle of a trek , already 9+ kms from the start and moreover , I was feeling weak , it was cold plus every single step that I took ,killed a lot of my strength. I came across a vendor , took some glucose from him , and started taking it in small doses , till I mentally felt , the thing was affecting me somehow. But the fact was , all other people , were a lot behind me , and no one knew #1. I was feeling weak and pukish. #2. I use to tire out like hell after few metres of trek. So what I did was what I invented there and then. If I breath through my mouth like all tired people do , I tire more. Inhale through the nose , take in as much as you can , exhale it when you are taking the heavy elevation steps, always works while trekking , it has been working for last many years , you walk more , tire yes , but slowly.

A lot of what I learnt in past few years infact never knew could come back to me in situations never expected. As some say , God will leave you at places , where no one can come and help and all you can do is scream , it can be a night before exam when you know nothing , it can be a helpless stare when you are left wondering , or it can be a song , which loops so many times on your audio player , that you feel utterly helpless getting it out of your head. As I said in the beginning "In the middle of commercialism and behind black-shaded sunglasses , we are aware.". . ..Answers speak through situations and God puts you through them to know whether you are game enough for the next level..

Image courtesy : Assassin's Creed (PC Game )

Mar 25, 2009

|| Avant Garde ||

I am always fantasized by the limits a human body can go to. I have always loved people who have done extra-ordinary things with their ordinary lives. I am not such a follower but I am a good absorber . Its amazing how somethings you thought that were not possible , were done right in front of you . I am almost sure everyone , like me , would have idolized/adored someone at some time. And from my good little experience , I have seen people change , majorly because they started emulating someone else's characters for the good. I have seen myself change too , numerous times.But its always good to become better than the previous you, atleast in your own perception. It always feels good redefining yourself , even though the results are not that readily available , but as they say its all in the mind.

There is a difference between 'not being yourself' and 'absorbing goodness in others' , by the time you have learnt something good about someone , and you make it a point to start believing it in your life, the end product should still be the real you unlike in many cases , I have seen , people lose themselves , get lost and come back to know that they missed a part of themselves for a while. The thing about us humans , is that we have a good feedback system , but its very temporary , unless you are extra careful . Because everytime we have done a mistake , we still reproduce it sometime later , until you are really badly affected by it and repeating it would rip off a major happiness quotient in you. But still the best thing is , our buffer , we always have new mistakes that we can make when we are not making many. I guess mistakes are really second chances , even if they don't seem that way at the time.

In the past few days , I was pondering a lot over something. All through my life , I used to believe that in the whole span of reality , dreams come by like special small roles , but then there are times , when you are so badly attached to something , that when you know its time to part soon , the reality of the event happening seems like a dream . The whole paradigm shifts , realities feel like a leverage that you carry along with yourself so that whenever someone real asks you what you are, you can showcase it. In between dreams and reality , lies the transition periods that are so transient , they do not matter , but the fact is a lot of human character is revealed through these transitions . No matter how modern you are , no matter how sweet your friends tell you are..and no matter what brand shoes you wear.. what you really are depends on these transitions , when you know you will leave something you are comfortable with , to be with something you might not be comfortable with. 

From so many ways to live your life , choose the one which gives you the least time to think over the transition periods .  From so many ways to pray , choose the ones which has the least number of demands ,from the ways to smile , choose the ones which has ubiquitous freshness in them and from so many ways to be friends with someone , choose the ones which requires least materialistic proof . From so many ways to fall in love with someone , choose the one which makes sure that she never comes to know about the sacrifices you have done for her and the nights you haven't slept in the process. Life is more fun and meaningful when you speak precise , ponder more , care greater and sleep good . 

Feb 20, 2009

Soul In a Bottle

As the small traces of life sprayed upon your dead lifeless stare
The sudden rush through my veins slowly amalgamated with the poised air
When the winter began , I was still ineffable in your smiles
Amidst the naked trees ,  the fallen maple leaves canopied for miles
If I had one wish ,  I would run away from all the shine and grandeur
Till I reach the door to your eyes , and then in you I'd wander...

Feb 7, 2009

The Algebra of 'Two' Sides

There was  a scene in the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries' , in which the main character swims across a river which segregates the people who are 'cured' from the people who are 'affected' by leprosy , so that he can celebrate his birthday on the other side of the river with the ones who are suffering. This act changed his life forever , whatever he thought about himself was wrong.There was an intervention from the surroundings which changed his lifestory forever . And instead of going back to his home down south , he stayed there and fought with the ones who were affected. The 'once a tourist' now became one of them .
There was a lady in 1400's , she used to work in farms for most of her life. Very non-entity , she played no role in her area'a politics . One day she had a vision from God ,a divine intervention that she should lead her country's army. All other options tried and failed, the leaders of the country decided to hand over the control of the army to her.She went on to turn the tides of entire battles before her 18th birthday.
There was one more guy , in North America , lived almost the same time as the character of 'The Motorcycle Diaries'  and he had a strong inspiration from his own community's battered souls,he went on to fight for civil rights , equality and freedom for all especially the culturally destitute. He ended up on similar lines as Gandhian way of working out things , that is with non-violence.
All three of them were born in different continents , were assassinated and had interventions , some divine , some cultural and some were self-motivated. The first one is now a youth icon , second one was canonised and is now sacred to christianity and the last one went on to become the youngest noble laureate of his time. 
If all of the above was an interesting read , well my benign welcome to the rest of the post. Because whats coming next would be even better. 

We live in times in which every 'today' is a fight for a better 'tomorrow'. And none of us enjoys the 'better tomorrow' , because then next day is also a fight for a better 'day-after-tomorrow'  , in the process , long and tedious we forget to enjoy the present. But obviously there is something complete opposite , last three lines didn't make sense for us as students. We have no tomorrow or today , we have tutorials! , a monday ,a tuesday and then a thursday maybe (combinations change with individuals)  , a good tutorial is a 'better today' , a bad one means a fight for a 'better tomorrow'. 
There are pretty depressing things about our good lives. We as extravagant future visionaries are vagabonds! , we have been moving from one place of learning to another , every few years and at the end , we want jobs not entirely related to 95% of our academic life. As I had said in my previous posts and as lives around me go on cementing my beliefs further ,it is infact true that the sole aim is to grow richer kids. Well if you don't believe me , think .. Think why your parents have been working hard , and why you are supposed to work hard , and how in future , you are going to teach future generations to work hard .This goes on pretty smoothly till an economic slowdown comes and takes along all the hardwork down the drain. So somehow , even if everything seems in control , there is an uncertainty travelling along like a monstrosity. 
So what are you?  ..a by-product of world's great plan to earn money?  Certainly not , Why should we? , We are humans , we have feelings , We are a carnage of multiple moods !.. Lets simplify this , we are a talent pool , we are feelings coupled with our talents , we compete , we evolve , make friends in the process and give them birthday gifts!... right? , social planetarians!  , right from the day we used to get 'stars and chocolates' from our junior school teachers to the day we get a good grade from professors, we are same.We want good remarks , we want satisfaction and a social circle. So I think finally now we are moving in the right direction. Now we know what we are.Generalists.

Lets come out of this now  , enough of human psycho-analysis , the three people I talked about before dragging you into the lengthy italics blabbering  were Che Guevara , Joan Of Arc and Martin Luther King Jr.
There is a contrast between a Generalist ideology I have put in italics and the lives of these three. They weren't Michael Schofield of Prison Break , or some Heroes ' protagonist .They all were killed/assassinated early in their lives , Joan Of Arc wasn't even 20. These three have appealed to me a lot in the sense that they define a new meaning to 'age' , it doesn't matter how many years you go on to live. Make sure you do something in as little time , and be remembered for it for manifolds your years of existence. As more and more of us are being dragged into this economy crazy society , urbane approach , we are being made to forget the fight we have.
Come on , how many of us have ideas of making sure the day we start earning , we will , with all our academic knowledge , will go on to solve nation's problems. Very few. Actually the thinking of 90's is archaic now , we actually don't have enough water , fuel and food to support the whole of population , plus we are losing on so many species , and still all we want is to be future CEO's of a multistoreyed building.So what are you going to do about it? , Italics Generalist Approach , or learn from the 'three' ? If I have been even a bit inspirational in my way of communicating the message , I had be more than satisfied. I am still not taking sides or blaming anyone.I have the options listed in front of you.Choose yours while I choose mine.
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Jan 16, 2009

The Deja Vu'

Below I saw so many silhouttes , I almost fantasized them to be me."

Being an undergrauate for so many years isn't much of a fun experience to share . I think all of us agree to a good extent that at any particular college , you have limited things you do to kill time besides academics. Just to throw some light on what I'd just put forward , you know the usual things like , going for a dinner to the same place with almost the same group , chatting all night long (even extending to the next morning) about topics that have been talked about before , going to classes and coming back in the evening pretending to be tired , then bugging friends about stuff ... then maybe listen to your favourite song whenever you have time and simulataneously transcending through time with a plethora of feelings. Its all repetition , a cycle , and it goes round and round as long as you remain at this place.

Emotions apart , you have that thing at the back of your head , that little glot , the insecurity of what future will be like.Each one of us has it , some are confident enough to smoothly travel thorugh tough times , some of us reluctant enought to share ... At my stage , and like many others ,we are very concerned about how the world feels like , Yes the world , it has a feeling attached to it now. The minute there's a terrorist attack , no matter how many zillions of miles away some carnage takes place, it does affect our lives too , we are now Global citizens , if economy of some nation suffers , you suffer.In every case whatever is the world 'health' is like ..in some very indirect way it affects our lives too. And in a very good way , we are all ruled by money , now , when I say that I never mean that we are all money hungry douche bags , I just mean that we all need money , at some point of time in life to sustain , attract partners and grow even richer kids.

So the deja vu' that becomes an important part of our lives , infact lives of many like me , stuck in this weird place becomes irritating is a very lucid manner.You know like nothing is forced upon you , but we all are travelling by the same ship , we were born here , we were never forced to board it... 

Now when I have almost a few months left in my bag to finish this 'being an undergraduate' feeling , the feeling which has left me with some repetitive thoughts  , with repeptitive activites , I am almost glad this is going to happen soon. But like every human , I am also touched by it , the repeptitive college life is infact what we all yearn for.When we came here , we hated the change of leaving home , and now when we leave ...we will hate it again.