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Dec 26, 2006

[Life]:'How Genesis Of A Story Works..."

gen·e·sis Pronunciation (jn-ss)n. pl. gen·e·ses (-sz) 1. The coming into being of something; the origin.

Not all of us are really sure what path we are following , but most of us are happy that we are going someway . This can be in case of decisions , interests , selfishness and to some extent whats 'standard'. Consider the same in case of technology . Even speaking 'Technology' doesnt make you feel 'technical' , its like 'Technology' like 'Science' is as broad as the latter. Now being an Engineering Student , I am not sure of my path , but I certainly know that If I do what is told to me ( maybe by the professors , elders and other old people who think they have a bit more grey matter than us....(students)..) .. I would certainly yield a fruitful result , that would give me a comfortable lifestyle , 'standard' lifestyle and a bit more than I require ...

But...its not always that simple , passing out of a good institute with the 'degree' you got through your entrance examination , wont make you an expert in that field , even if you end up doing a PhD. in that field . It doesn't end here , guys like 'Mani Shankar' , a chemical engineer from BITS ending up as a movie producer ...who knew?? ... So you might be one of those who might end in a completely different scenario/field as of now , so whats best is follow the well known "Wait and Watch" strategy..

Last week , I came from Delhi where I went as part of the BITS team for St.Stephen's , Delhi Science Fest . Many of the Science Talks and Summits were really penetrating , going by what one of the Genetics gentleman spoke "A Stephenie who will be giving a noble lecture in some topic he never studied at St.Stephens ....it wasn't even his branch" ... presented in front me a perfect example of a guy who passed out with a degree from one of the best science colleges of the country , started gaining interest in something he didn't even remotely study in his science college.

So...it goes on .. think ... we are all at the mercy of a degree , 'not-so-obedient' puppets in the hands of 'not-so-authoritative' intellectuals ... But it goes without saying that to feel the truth ,
you have to seek inside yourself . So thats what I did ...

I felt a slowly developing interest in basic Sciences while preparing for IIT examination , maybe the company of a roommate (who is now at IITK ) catalyzed it. But it was always an internal interest I never let out in public , because I knew engineering was the way , and above all , I never found handling technical things or dealing with mathematical paradigms difficult, but always a bit more interesting than fundamental Sciences. But then the path I chose , always had two directions , one which I would end up with , and one end which would travel with me . It was difficult but then God has his (with respect to all females..) own ways . I am now pursuing a dual degree , one in basic sciences and one in engineering . Consider it anything you want , but this came naturally somehow from somewhere , uncalled for , unasked for ...just given away..

So , when I went to the Fest at Delhi , I presented a paper on my all time favorite topic of 'Gravitational Wave Theory' (..sorry for the coughs you got..) which I have been studying on my own , even without knowing much about Einstein's GR paper of 1915, I was doing something he presented in his paper . The satisfaction on presenting such a paper was far too enticing , the story doesn't end here , God has flown in for more adventures,more pains and not too forget far more surprises which I will cease to mention over here , but there's a 'sweet' story in the making ...

"This is how things work , each one of us have a "Genesis" of our own "