"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Mar 25, 2009

|| Avant Garde ||

I am always fantasized by the limits a human body can go to. I have always loved people who have done extra-ordinary things with their ordinary lives. I am not such a follower but I am a good absorber . Its amazing how somethings you thought that were not possible , were done right in front of you . I am almost sure everyone , like me , would have idolized/adored someone at some time. And from my good little experience , I have seen people change , majorly because they started emulating someone else's characters for the good. I have seen myself change too , numerous times.But its always good to become better than the previous you, atleast in your own perception. It always feels good redefining yourself , even though the results are not that readily available , but as they say its all in the mind.

There is a difference between 'not being yourself' and 'absorbing goodness in others' , by the time you have learnt something good about someone , and you make it a point to start believing it in your life, the end product should still be the real you unlike in many cases , I have seen , people lose themselves , get lost and come back to know that they missed a part of themselves for a while. The thing about us humans , is that we have a good feedback system , but its very temporary , unless you are extra careful . Because everytime we have done a mistake , we still reproduce it sometime later , until you are really badly affected by it and repeating it would rip off a major happiness quotient in you. But still the best thing is , our buffer , we always have new mistakes that we can make when we are not making many. I guess mistakes are really second chances , even if they don't seem that way at the time.

In the past few days , I was pondering a lot over something. All through my life , I used to believe that in the whole span of reality , dreams come by like special small roles , but then there are times , when you are so badly attached to something , that when you know its time to part soon , the reality of the event happening seems like a dream . The whole paradigm shifts , realities feel like a leverage that you carry along with yourself so that whenever someone real asks you what you are, you can showcase it. In between dreams and reality , lies the transition periods that are so transient , they do not matter , but the fact is a lot of human character is revealed through these transitions . No matter how modern you are , no matter how sweet your friends tell you are..and no matter what brand shoes you wear.. what you really are depends on these transitions , when you know you will leave something you are comfortable with , to be with something you might not be comfortable with. 

From so many ways to live your life , choose the one which gives you the least time to think over the transition periods .  From so many ways to pray , choose the ones which has the least number of demands ,from the ways to smile , choose the ones which has ubiquitous freshness in them and from so many ways to be friends with someone , choose the ones which requires least materialistic proof . From so many ways to fall in love with someone , choose the one which makes sure that she never comes to know about the sacrifices you have done for her and the nights you haven't slept in the process. Life is more fun and meaningful when you speak precise , ponder more , care greater and sleep good .