"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Dec 20, 2008

[Life] : The Good | The Bad

Sometimes small things in life give you bigger and better smiles , its like those high gain Amplifiers that I was learning about the whole last 6 months , but ironically you can't design for better smiles in your life like you can do with amplifiers.

If you ever thought about your life as a 10 mark CBSE Board question , I would answer it right now by writing some shit straight out of my brain..

The Good Times..

The little appreciations by close friends , the random thought of your favorite song lines doing a live performance inside your head , the girl you love talks to you or just gazes at you for that nanosecond eye contact giving your average day a look of a rock concert, a semi-lazy day when half your brain wants to daydream and other half waits to become the first half , that extra chat after everyone has left the room with your closest friend , feeling like a superman on a fresh morning followed by batman ... spiderman.. and ending your day just being a human .. , having those typical gossip sessions where everything gets exaggerated resulting in endless laughs ... tummy aches and not so needed ab-development! , roaming on empty roads of an unknown place at a time when no one comes out , eating at your favorite place and basking on every food bit like you won't be back again , a sudden shiver down your spine when you hear your favorite beats and you end up being your funniest at your expressions and dance steps , times when you have been really stupid , childish and all those adjectives that you never wanted to be associated with ...

The Tough Times..

When you found out time ran you out , and it has been doing it ever since you started running with it , when you never had an idea that things you owned started owning you , friends you loved to be with left without being with you , girl you thought about atleast once a day could pass days without you , the things you are good at came in the way of learning the things you weren't good at , when you care about your close ones more than anyone else does to their own loved ones , when you find a greater comfort in a child's eyes than the ones within your age group , when you think that life isn't a fair deal and it treats everyone differently , when you know almost everything can give you pain and you have to chose what's worth the pain ...

The Moral Lessons..

When your faith in God strengthens every time He ditches you , when you have stood tall in every tough time , so that when happier times come you are better than before..
One day you will finally know you should stop asking for things from God because what he can give is always way more than what you can ask for..

"Where are we? What the hell is going on?
The dust has only just begun to fall,
Crop circles in the carpet, sinking, feeling.
Spin me round again and rub my eyes.
This can't be happening.
When busy streets a mess with people
would stop to hold their heads heavy."

-Hide and Seek , Imogen Heap

Nov 8, 2008

[Life] Evolution That Killed God

Have you ever heard a God's prayer? Absolutely not. No one does , I couldn't . Listening to God's words and views is beyond the human comprehension. And why should I talk about it anyway? God is such a boring topic to start with . I bore you off , you don't come to my blog again , classifying it as a JAB (Just Another Blog) . Rather I should talk about 'who got committed' and 'who broke up' on campus . I know a couple of pairs , I do , but I keep myself alienated from such spicy and dramatical turns in life , but why should you care? , actually you do . Everyone of you cares about what goes on in others lives. If you don't , you are a selfish snob , or perhaps ,just a lazy bastard. Ahh..! that came uninvited ha?

There is a God. One for each , but only one . All of us do loosely spoken prayers before the crux situations , handling God the toughest of problems.We haven't evoluted in that sense. In fact 'evoluted' isn't even a term that should be used here in this context. Maybe we have lost 'monkey's tail' in the course of evolution , and lost much of our body hair to the Polar Beers. But evolution is not taking place now , it won't , this is the last phase . Whats the use of evoluting on a planet that is becoming more and more fragile. None of us are planning to work for the planet , so why should the planet care ? This God's creation , a 7-day magic show should be mortalised . Infact we should dump God in a Jar and look at Him through the Glass , and let our Grandchildren see Him. Let Him see , how stupid we have become and how less important He has become. . .

Soaked and Drenched in The Midnight Rain ,
You say you know everything , I have known pain...

You never stood at the Window during the blackest nights,
I saw a blacker You surrounded by Holiest Of Knights...

So that I can do my part today
and trust you to handle tomorrow..
Let me ask for smaller things this day ,
till I have something new to borrow...

Oct 19, 2008

[Life] The Hard Lessons

1. There would always be things you wish you had said .
2. To regret something is a greater virtue and to work upon it, is the greatest.
3. Dreaming a lot about possibilities and parallels makes a lot of things infeasible.
4. Relationships put a limit on your acts.
5. The day you start fearing , is the day you start losing.
6. The stupidest acts are remembered the most.
7. Two musts : Unconditionality and Selflessness.
8. Like it or not. God exists.
9. Listen , then speak.
10.Read about Joan Of Arc , Che Guevara and Martin Luther.

Jul 23, 2008

[Fun] Solving The Rubik's Cube

Its been three fine days since I bought a toy Rubik's Cube from Dalhousie , primarily to learn it well enough before my next semester starts . But the problem with these toy Rubik's Cubes is that they are very iffy about doing fine rotations around the axis.They get stuck when you are in the middle of clocking your time.But all the time I had put in , was never wasted , let me tell you this thing is so damn simple. You can be an absolute horse-hoot , and still learn it in two days or more (no larger limit on time) . Just keep some simple points in mind:

1. The Rubik's Cube is not 54 colored squares , but just 8 corners and 12 edges.
2. The color of any side of the cube is the color of the center square.
3. The best algorithm is the layer-wise solve in which you begin from a white cross on top , then keep going down layer by layer to finally get your solution.
4. Buy a genuine Rubik's Cube!

The algorithm that I have learnt , is from these scripts by some Stanford student:

Its not that you can't learn without these algorithms , but then your only purpose is not to solve it , you have to solve it in minimum time possible.So I advice anyone willing enough to learn it , learn the algorithms on your finger tips. Note that there are so many algos for any given situation , but then its up to your intellect to choose what should be applied where.My good wishes for all the beginners.

Any questions regarding algorithms , or any doubts regarding a rubik's cube. Drop me a comment , this post is targeted at those who land up at my Blog from search engines.I don't want you to be disappointed !!

Jul 14, 2008

[Music] Some things that get me a High.

Well , I was just bored , I thought of compiling some sick beats that you can move to anytime of the day.I have heard each of these like so many times and they all do a lot of good for your ears and body.

Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Techno)
Bubba Sparxx - Deliverance ( Country Rap)
50 Cent - In Da Club (Mainstream Rap)
Trick Feat Eminem - Welcome To Detroit City ( Wicked Beats)
Lil Sach - Sara Pind Mitran Da (Carries that 'Proud Punjabi' Tag)
Punjabi MC - Je Yaar (Old School Gurdaas Mann)
Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch

Further additions to the List:
Justin Timberlake - Senorita (Thanks To Vega)
Tupac ft. Dre - California (Thanks to Anony)

P.S. I hate Bollywood.

Drop me a line if you have some better 'wicked-beats' genre songs.

May 25, 2008

[Travel] : India-Pakistan Border
[Best Viewed in Internet Explorer , otherwise the thumbnails get all jumpled up]

From left to right and going downwards:

1. The 'sthal' where Akbar was crowned the next King of India after news about his father's death reached him.This was around 1569. (He was 13 then).I never knew he was crowned in Punjab .. !!

2.This is a high zoom shot , spanning over 4 and half kms of Pakistan Land . This is the Kartarpur Sahib Gurudwara which is now in Pakistan . Guru Nanak spent his last few years here doing farming after his 'four odysseys' or 'char udaasiyan' . You can only see this Gurudwara from a high platfrom in India so that you can see atleast 5 kms into the Pakistan Land.If you are having a look at this image , the Gurudwara is a 'white' coloured structure that you can see admist the barren land.Blurred because highly zoomed.

3.A 4X zoom view of a Pakistani army-post , about 2 kms from the place I was clicking from.

4.The 'chola' or the 'long cloak' that Guru Nanak used to wear while he was in his last days at the Chola Sahib Gurudwara.This cloak times to around 1539 A.D.

5.Indian army post.You can see a jawan climbing .There was a BSF Canteen also nearby , we had some tea and drinks over there before leaving the place.

6. The official Indo-Pakistan border or the 'sarhad' .