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Nov 8, 2008

[Life] Evolution That Killed God

Have you ever heard a God's prayer? Absolutely not. No one does , I couldn't . Listening to God's words and views is beyond the human comprehension. And why should I talk about it anyway? God is such a boring topic to start with . I bore you off , you don't come to my blog again , classifying it as a JAB (Just Another Blog) . Rather I should talk about 'who got committed' and 'who broke up' on campus . I know a couple of pairs , I do , but I keep myself alienated from such spicy and dramatical turns in life , but why should you care? , actually you do . Everyone of you cares about what goes on in others lives. If you don't , you are a selfish snob , or perhaps ,just a lazy bastard. Ahh..! that came uninvited ha?

There is a God. One for each , but only one . All of us do loosely spoken prayers before the crux situations , handling God the toughest of problems.We haven't evoluted in that sense. In fact 'evoluted' isn't even a term that should be used here in this context. Maybe we have lost 'monkey's tail' in the course of evolution , and lost much of our body hair to the Polar Beers. But evolution is not taking place now , it won't , this is the last phase . Whats the use of evoluting on a planet that is becoming more and more fragile. None of us are planning to work for the planet , so why should the planet care ? This God's creation , a 7-day magic show should be mortalised . Infact we should dump God in a Jar and look at Him through the Glass , and let our Grandchildren see Him. Let Him see , how stupid we have become and how less important He has become. . .

Soaked and Drenched in The Midnight Rain ,
You say you know everything , I have known pain...

You never stood at the Window during the blackest nights,
I saw a blacker You surrounded by Holiest Of Knights...

So that I can do my part today
and trust you to handle tomorrow..
Let me ask for smaller things this day ,
till I have something new to borrow...


  1. why so harsh, its the very human nature to call for help at our weakest moments and divine interventions is what provides faith tht there is sum1 looking out for us, tht we r not alone and talking abt the planet if god trusted us with the running of the planet i'm sure he ha something in mind and mankind will surely not dissapoint

  2. I am not being harsh. Do you think Religion Extremist treat their Gods right? They just manipulate Him to further complicate things. I am not saying that a common man shouldn't pray or something , all I am saying is that on a larger scale , the God has been misinterpreted , recent Orissa riots , The Gujarat Riots ,the 1986 Punjab Riots , and Islamic Extremism the world over, in each of these cases, either the extremists were manipulating God , or the Government misinterpreted the extremists.Extremists aren't always wrong ,But due to them , God has been interpreted and dissected into multiple meanings, which is not the purpose of a religion.Its like :
    "Everyone's God is equal , but someone's God is more equal than others"
    ... doesnt make sense ha?


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