"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Oct 13, 2010

A Figment Of Imagination.

From what I see, my hopes wait at doors waiting for the keys
But you make my fears fade away , like the clouds do to the stars maybe?

So, we are light years away, the stars gossip about our distances
But you silence me , like the sounds of universe do to the chirps maybe?

From what I see, The seconds we talk are the the hours we never made through
But you freeze me , like the winter cold does to the trees maybe?

So, we are thousands of nautical miles away , the waves whisper about it
But you mix me up, like the falling rains do to the crying eyes maybe?

Aug 11, 2010

Daily Roses for Peace

So true the sound
The rhythm soars and accrues
This goes on forever, till our songs find a truce..

So high this hope
The passions never scanty and few
This fire must be waiting, for the last drop of dew.. 

So cruel the generosities
The humility is on its knees
The door to love is closed, someone lost the keys..

So ambiguous our gazes
The silence must be speaking
This world is not the place, our eyes are seeking..

Aug 6, 2010

A Thousand You

Lines for One Perfect Star
Acting on a million crowdy stages,
Talking to strangers, monks and sages,
No one ever uttering a word. . .
We're lost in a one big maze,
In between ,we look at each other 
.. hiding our clandestine gaze.

Dancing and flying with millions more,
Conversing through melodies, opening doors,
Each smile testifies end of the war. . .
In between, we look at the skies
... looking for that perfect star.

Born between now and then,

In between , there were a million hues,
Its a circle , Oh! a vicious  one too. . .
What goes around, comes back around,
In between, I crossed myself to be you. 

Jun 18, 2010

A Letter to the Tiger

Dear Mr.Tiger

Your cat family is particularly amazing , and my fanfare for you is specifically not the reason why my last name is Singh. Although I always thought since childhood that except the Dinosaurs , there was never a chance that any other specie would be swept off the mainland by bamboozling asteroids, to be later discovered by future species. But I just came to terms with your terrible conditions , so much that all my attention span has been completed diverted towards you ..from the latest India TV news updates I was watching a while back.

We as humans are trying our very best to save you. Because we love you so much. Frankly, the carpets made out of your funky striped skin patterns are just too royal to resist. And your teeth , man! , they sell like gold. We need more of you here , so that we can be rich without getting into 25 year meaningless marathon academics here in India just to get a 3.5 lpa package in the end. So like million of people who want to save you, I want the same too with all my fervor and passion. You can ask my pet mouse in the house, I love you.

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your health and prosperity without any poachers plotting to kill you in next 5 minutes at-least. And I sincerely hope you complete reading this letter before you get busted. You will be happy to know that we have been running so many campaigns to save you that even the Dalits are taking a backseat for a while. Just for the record , I have made this totally ordered list for you, our plans to save your specie:

1) The facebook community  'Save Tigers, Save Our Heritage.....Just 1411 left..!' now has 150,000+ people liking it. Though it is still unknown what they like , but the efforts are commendable. Imitating our tremendous efforts on this front , one of our esteemed Indians created 'Eat Parle-G... Do not eat TIGER...Only 1411 Left' which has 12,000+ people liking it . The reason for less number of people liking this one is unknown , but it seems Parle-G is becoming highly unpopular with people.

2) This cool website http://www.saveourtigers.com  is just too tempting. Besides around 266,000+ people participating on it  , little kids are spending thousands of bucks to participate in a competition to send poems , drawings , posters depicting tigers in danger. Till now thousands of drawings have been sent , depicting you in superman, spiderman and T-man dresses. These posters help spread awareness so that more people can learn and send even more posters depicting how much we love drawing .

3) Almost every Tiger reserve in India has been allotted night guards to save you from poachers at night .(I hope you're still alive and reading this). The guards are paid 5000/- bucks a month which is 1000/- less than what their wives earn working as sweepers in local buildings. There is a 70% shortage of guards , so that some of the brave guards have to do double shifts , day and night. During day they cut tickets for the tourist , during night , they nap with their wives.

4) NDTV recently broadcasted a 1 hour long documentary on Tigers. ..which was apparently so sad and depressing that kids almost suffered a breakdown and some of the elderly Indians took overdose of their daily medicines in revolt. NDTV has asked its viewers to visit their exclusive website on Tigers, which has a column 'Tiger Tales' where you can narrate all the cool tales and poems about Tigers.You can download Tiger wallpapers too. India TV is still preparing for its own Save-Kabaddi in India campaign but it seems not too many kids can draw and narrate stories about Kabaddi , so they plan to switch to the famous kids game 'Chain-chain' .

5) We just love to talk about you in general , with friends , girlfriends and boyfriends. Boys love to impress their girlfriends by showing sympathy towards the cruelties done to you and Sati - the female infanticide in general too. And you gotta hear this!!..  Last week I saw a poster regarding Save-Tiger campaign in a Mall , people just loved it , believe me.. I mean not the poster ,the movie that was released the same day was just awesome. The movie was f-ing legendary.Trust me , you should check it out too. 

Besides all that marvelous good news , I would also like you know that monsoons are fast approaching. I hope you are looking forward to that , and when you are looking , look for the poachers too .. :\.Just to let you know, I am so glad you are our national animal because apparently besides the street dogs and pigs , we don't have much variety here in India.  

And as listed we will continue with our efforts to save you , for now its the FIFA world cup , so just bear with us for a while , we will start saving you when you are just 1350 left . Till then enjoy , peace and have lots of beer.

Hey look ...there's a poacher at your back..!

Just Kidding.! :P


May 28, 2010

Why wouldn't I climb Mt.Everest some summer?

Out of all the insane and highly impractical ideas and dreams I have in life, I am not very sure about this one. I thought maybe (probability 0.25), well maybe (probability 0.001) , I could think of taking a shot at Mt.Everest after like 15 years. I am not sure of this , but I have these plans , really over-the-top plans of doing things because mediocrity has sucked in almost everything except this great nature's erection. Its almost like each one of us , even the most douche-bag of an engineering graduate would think of becoming a CEO of some company one day. Its not always possible for them, then of-course, many of these CEO-cum-hippie-culture-inflicted-wannabe's would open their own firms and put themselves on the top just to claim a dream they could never have.

So why Mt. Everest? why not just go to Simla and come back from an over-used tourist dust-bag (this when I heard about 5 Bihar dudes landing up in Simla aspiring to start a Maoist movement :\ , how lame) or go to Rohtang (orgasmic hill-station for all north indians) and take pleasure in aunties falling in the desperate attempt to try out their newly hired eskimo clothes and shoes on smooth ice. But I don't want to, because its plain and blatant , mediocrity sucks. Well, it happens with me. Almost 33% of times, I end up knowing that people have already done what I had planned to be totally cool and *new*, this world is that fast. So when I was a kid, fed-up of all the mediocrity, I decided I would grow up to be someone that everyone else couldn't be. I grew up, and observed everyone is someone that everyone else can't be. This world is that sucker-ty!

So I have dropped a lot of super-awesome plans along the way , like the Mt.Everest one. This came about when I read about this 13 year old boy called Jordon Romero who climbed Mt.Everest. Ok cool ! , but what was I doing when I was 13? , I was probably looking forward to an awesome 5 year puberty plan and maybe having a totally-not-feasible crush on a girl in my class.... If the Jordon case wasn't enough , take this , totally illiterate, less than quarter-awesome and ugly-looking-but-smarter-than-Shrek Apa Sherpa climbed the Everest 20 times , 20 times!! , that is 5 times more than I triumphed pahadi during my entire BITSian life :\ ..

If I had been preparing for IITJEE 2012 , I would have given it up already. Partly because I would have died after completing my first semester,thanks to the Mayan Calendar :\ .. and secondly because of this homie-boy (thanks to Jay-Z) named Sahal Kaushik , this dude is 14 year old and has cleared IIT this year . Ok super-awesome, but what was I doing when I was 14? I was probably now left with 4 more years of puberty plan and still wondering whether I should go for another girl or still not give up on her.... :\ , pretty mundane eh? .. So just like this, I have been dropping plans. Perhaps Everest still seems feasible , maybe I would kill the Sherpa and climb it 21 times to atleast get my name in the newspapers, or maybe get my name as many times as possible to beat Arindam Choudhary ...who knows.. :\

The point is not how many times I had to give up my plans , but the number of times I learnt the same thing: 'any age is old-enough to start something new' . Why not go out in the sun and start practicing your favorite sport now? Why not take up that book you always wanted to read now? Why not look good today because you would never look this awesome one day after now? Why not start today? Don't be a douche-bag ..! .. Start early , procrastinate later.

May 2, 2010

BITS Piranha !!

Its not easy to dodge the piranhas. Piranhas are known to have voracious appetites for meat and can smell blood from miles in slow current waters. So when you are crossing a river which are inhabited by these ugly looking all-teeth-no-brain fishes , the only way you can escape them is by dodging them, or eat them alive which is a not-so-good idea since they move around in kick-ass gangs who can do anything for each other. Famous ways of dodging include throwing a lump of meat into the other side of the waters , so that while the piranhas are busy eating , you can cross the waters on your side. Another way which requires some skill is to just cross the river with two things in mind : you shouldn't have any wounds on your body and your body movements need to be smooth. Piranhas can sense wounds on any god-damn alive thing and they just love to complete rip you off in minutes if not seconds...And ofcourse the best way to dodge is to have a boat. :\

Look around you , your life is like these slow-moving South American waters with Piranhas all around.And all you have to do is to dodge them.Piranhas in your life can come around in the form of most stupidest of the days, over-sleeping-n-missing a test day , bad weather days and that-guy/girl-needs-an-attitude-check-or-else-I-will-kill-him/her ways.

BITS has taught me some amazing things , including how to dodge-the-piranhas , which even the most attentive of my teachers here never would have noticed. All the while they were just going over and over the most impractical theoretical fast-forwarded equations , they were telling me how to dodge all that while in the class and still make a decent grade by doing it all in one night before the exam. Or if you're super-afraid of crossing the river , you can request a make-up in which case you have the option of crossing other rivers with more or lesser number of piranhas, but which one? you never know... And then there are always ways to copy others who know dodging-the-piranhas in case you are not game enough. In this case the ghotus are the obvious choice ...Ghotus are those people who will cross all those rivers that have been asked to cross the previous years to make sure they cross it smoothly this year too !!! Teachers love them.

Dodging also implies avoiding the piranhas at all , take alternative paths , not always the waters. Being with the right kind of people and doing the right kind of things , to make sure you feel good always. I have loved doing it , doing just the right things. One amazing thing here in BITS is that you can keep doing your favorite things over and over again , no matter how lame or useless, you will get the friends to do it and that kills the guilt part for ever!... Not to forget, I have met some of the most amazing people here and thanks to my inclination to imitate qualities , this journey has definitely made me someone I wasn't before I got here.

Then everyone has their own ways of dodging , which are not textbook, just skill .Hence comes the dance part, my favorite way of telling the Piranhas to be careful when they bring my name up.I just love to own those few amazing seconds on the stage. I have met people who think all this dance stuff is so over-rated. But frankly, it deserves to be. After some crappy months, if you can just go on-stage and deliver a crowd-puller , it pays for all your sins. I have loved performing here in BITS more than I used to do earlier. And because of no formal training at all , I have always despised the idea of learning the steps to a dance number and then performing it on stage , it makes dance so much seem like an exam and less of an art. Probably one of the reasons , I never wanted to join the dance club. And I just love it when you have a pedigree of performances ,and people know you for something and they expect something better than what they saw last time. Believe me I have two habits any dancer shouldn't have, I never practice my steps before a performance and I have a dance-ego.So, the trick lies in something else, which I won't disclose here. One of my favorite performances would be the last one , just because it was a total impromptu, I love it when all you do is respond to the music and this amazing things remains an art. And really , I just want to thank all those people who have loved to see me perform , thats the reason I keep doing it once every year :) ..not that I have to prove something.

Another thing BITS has taught me is how to be friend with the piranhas. You know all those people you thought were so much thadi 'n stuff or total idiots, then you realize they were actually one of the nicest! . Especially in the my psenti-sem, I have met people who I would have rarely thought of ever going along with, I have done things I have always wanted to do. I have been so much accustomed to dealing with awkward situations than ever before, that things ever rarely upset me.

... The most intriguing part is I hardly remember what kind of person I was before I came here, you know when you've been crossing too many rivers , you hardly remember the first few ones!.. Five years here and its a complete new life after this, this system changes you so much , its hard to get back. I sincerely thought of myself as a total 'geek' before I landed here who could do a bit of this and that. But this pilani life completely changed me , not that now I have super-mutant powers but I have super awesome friends whom I can die for.

Now that this part of the life is almost over , which was better any of the Government's 5 year plans! : ) .. I seriously imagine , like any other BITSian , what would it be like waking up one morning and knowing you won't be waking up in your old-adorable-antique hostel room ever again, its a feeling I would certainly hate to have....and this would be the hardest one to dodge for sure!

Mar 18, 2010

Now What ?!!

Almost every year since past few years this random thought comes to my mind about how stupid I was the last year! , this happens with blogging too. When I look back at my previous posts , I always feel I could have written it better , or how cool it would have been if I had rephrased it this way or that way and what not! , Infact this happens with me everyday , like when I get into an argument I generally opt to just keep my mouth shut , but I think of so many cool things I could have said to completely dismember someone's hard-earned dignity... !! :D

So , generally , for lack of better things to do , I was thinking of other things which fit into this analogy.!.. Like when I am in my mentor's chamber , its generally expected as per God-knows-who's code of conduct to keep my mouth shut , ears open , a periodic affirmative motion of my head to make sure my mentor knows I'm listening and a totally dumb "aah..what?" when I am suddenly questioned .! And then you come out of the chamber , thinking about all those geeky things you could have said to let your mentor know you're the right whiz-kid for his project or perhaps to get your name on the next publication.!

And this happens with me a lot. When I am about to go home , I think about all the cool things I could do when I get there. Although the excitement is half-murdered traveling in a TATA Bus for almost 14 hours , by the time I reach home I am alive enough just to give warm hugs to mom-dad and siblings. So half of the time I thought I would invest in meeting old pals , watching TV and getting to know cleanliness better (..thanks to Pilani ) is brutally wasted in just...sleeping.! Half of the meals I eat at home are a break from my marathon sleep pattern, so I almost forget what I ate by the time I am in senses. And when its time to watch TV at night in that warm homely quilt , I think about how stupid it is to watch TV , I mean come on there's no buffering involved , everything is just plain simply running..how boring ! . .. So when I get back to Pilani , I am still thinking about all those things I could have done at home but didn't .. !

... And ya that reminds me of one more wanna-be analogy .I am sure , on the first day in Pilani , all of us would have roamed around campus and vowed to see the Museum one day ... which till today after more than four years is left untouched !!...sweet ! And I know atleast a dozen fat/tiny folks ( no offense to those who should take offense) who were once determined to shed weight or gain weight respectively but till date they have done nothing better than ....just look worse every new semester... :D

We should probably give a name to this phenomenon , it happens with all of us right? , It sure does! .. Things we all wanted to do but didn't because we are just plain lazy or just not creative enough at the right time!! Hail psenti-semites and the wanna-be's!! =)