"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Aug 11, 2010

Daily Roses for Peace

So true the sound
The rhythm soars and accrues
This goes on forever, till our songs find a truce..

So high this hope
The passions never scanty and few
This fire must be waiting, for the last drop of dew.. 

So cruel the generosities
The humility is on its knees
The door to love is closed, someone lost the keys..

So ambiguous our gazes
The silence must be speaking
This world is not the place, our eyes are seeking..


  1. Anonymous9:52:00 PM

    The door to love is closed, someone lost the keys.
    I like this line, makes me think of hate crimes

  2. Anonymous5:30:00 AM

    I think you have described today's world, for the most part.. very beautifully done!
    Absolutely loved the last stanza...so poignant...
    Made me think of the vacant stares of the passengers on the Subway... and all the dreams/hopes/lost love/desire that's hidden beneath those eyes...
    A lovely and amazing read!

  3. Anonymous2:00:00 PM

    Nice, short and yet so poetic; with meaning too. Nice work my friend.

    Warmest Salad

  4. Anonymous6:21:00 PM

    meaningful and true, thanks for sharing with me :)

  5. Anonymous7:15:00 AM

    I hope some of us do have the keys.. A very true poem resonating with present-day world..

  6. Anonymous1:58:00 AM

    Nice poem... I like the tercet-structure, also how you spliced it with the picture in the middle.

    Nice one


  7. lovely job.
    sorry for missing you last time.


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