"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Apr 13, 2009

Days Go By

If skies will remain blue forever ,the voices shall speak and smiles would aver..
then I thought~~,
If it was even this much true , atleast the smiles will continue forever~~..
The differences shall dissolve, the cause would be yours atlast,
A sudden ray of hope smiled through the lips and said this one might be the last..
Is it an enigma or a vicissitude of my own existence?
Blurred ,yet walking , a thorough penance~~..

And the days go by like they always do,
Dawn to dusk ,from dryness to dew..
I succumbed to the faith that I'd put in you.
A sudden end to what could have been something new..

A memoir that would fade into neverending~~..
And in the Wind of all that's been said and done before..
I'll wish that we were something more.

Apr 4, 2009

When everyone takes a day off..

Talking about potential , endurance and a plan.There is always one of these we need to propogate smoothly through these lives of ours. A sudden blink of an eye when that sharp beam of sun-ray pierces through our sensitive vision , or an occasional scream when something brings chills down our spine , we are delicate right from where we start and where we plan to end. In the middle of commercialism and behind black-shaded sunglasses , we are aware.Aware that there is something you fear , something you would avoid just to maintain an image of yours , something you know you are not good at , something that keeps you surfaced . A voice often speaks within each of us , telling us there is a lot of truth we don't know , a lot we can't comprehend , a lot we aren't meant to know...

Few days back , on another of the frequent trips , I planned to dive out of the raft like I used to do at the municipality swimming pool during school , only difference was that it had been years since I swimmed last and the water was freezingly cold. With life boat around , the fear wasn't swanning around much , plus I knew how to swim. I saw others diving one after another , it was sort of cool , everybody oscillating with the water contours and the waves, until I decided to try out swimming along with the water current and maybe cross the raft , nothing was planned , it was just one of those childish urges you get when you dive into known domains. Few minutes on , I stopped to get some of the breathing back , it had been more than a lot of minutes since I was swimming arduously. Soon to my knowledge, I couldn't get my breath back , the life jacket was a bit too tight , I carelessly loosened some of the jacket straps so that my lungs could take in more but the problems increased , with no motion below, my legs were freezing . I soon realized its not a bad idea to dive into waters with a life jacket , but it is definitely not advised to swim ( with proper technique) with/against the current at low temperatures . #1: Lower temperatures require more effort from the body per activity. #2 Blood regulation slows down , you need more breathing per inhale when you tire down at low temperatures. I immediately started cycling with my feet without moving upper body, I knew this old trick from my coach (whom until now I considered to be useless) ,  the friction between water and body keeps the blood going plus I loosened up the straps a little to get back my breathing.It worked and I could sustain myself till the raft could reach me and pull me up.

Seven years back , family planned a trek , 20 km long , once way. So basically I have this problem of digesting stale food (.. dont laugh , some people can..) , so all the paranthas that I ate from some dhaba were basically not planning to metabolize soon , they all started coming up. And the problem was I was in the middle of a trek , already 9+ kms from the start and moreover , I was feeling weak , it was cold plus every single step that I took ,killed a lot of my strength. I came across a vendor , took some glucose from him , and started taking it in small doses , till I mentally felt , the thing was affecting me somehow. But the fact was , all other people , were a lot behind me , and no one knew #1. I was feeling weak and pukish. #2. I use to tire out like hell after few metres of trek. So what I did was what I invented there and then. If I breath through my mouth like all tired people do , I tire more. Inhale through the nose , take in as much as you can , exhale it when you are taking the heavy elevation steps, always works while trekking , it has been working for last many years , you walk more , tire yes , but slowly.

A lot of what I learnt in past few years infact never knew could come back to me in situations never expected. As some say , God will leave you at places , where no one can come and help and all you can do is scream , it can be a night before exam when you know nothing , it can be a helpless stare when you are left wondering , or it can be a song , which loops so many times on your audio player , that you feel utterly helpless getting it out of your head. As I said in the beginning "In the middle of commercialism and behind black-shaded sunglasses , we are aware.". . ..Answers speak through situations and God puts you through them to know whether you are game enough for the next level..

Image courtesy : Assassin's Creed (PC Game )