"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Apr 13, 2009

Days Go By

If skies will remain blue forever ,the voices shall speak and smiles would aver..
then I thought~~,
If it was even this much true , atleast the smiles will continue forever~~..
The differences shall dissolve, the cause would be yours atlast,
A sudden ray of hope smiled through the lips and said this one might be the last..
Is it an enigma or a vicissitude of my own existence?
Blurred ,yet walking , a thorough penance~~..

And the days go by like they always do,
Dawn to dusk ,from dryness to dew..
I succumbed to the faith that I'd put in you.
A sudden end to what could have been something new..

A memoir that would fade into neverending~~..
And in the Wind of all that's been said and done before..
I'll wish that we were something more.


  1. nicely written! liked 'we' as well..thought you'd forgotten that blog existed!you really should enable commenting on fabric..

  2. First of all ,am glad for having you here again! :) , And yep I have enabled Comments on fabric !! , so you can have your say! , Rite nw checking out Smudged lies!



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