"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Mar 18, 2010

Now What ?!!

Almost every year since past few years this random thought comes to my mind about how stupid I was the last year! , this happens with blogging too. When I look back at my previous posts , I always feel I could have written it better , or how cool it would have been if I had rephrased it this way or that way and what not! , Infact this happens with me everyday , like when I get into an argument I generally opt to just keep my mouth shut , but I think of so many cool things I could have said to completely dismember someone's hard-earned dignity... !! :D

So , generally , for lack of better things to do , I was thinking of other things which fit into this analogy.!.. Like when I am in my mentor's chamber , its generally expected as per God-knows-who's code of conduct to keep my mouth shut , ears open , a periodic affirmative motion of my head to make sure my mentor knows I'm listening and a totally dumb "aah..what?" when I am suddenly questioned .! And then you come out of the chamber , thinking about all those geeky things you could have said to let your mentor know you're the right whiz-kid for his project or perhaps to get your name on the next publication.!

And this happens with me a lot. When I am about to go home , I think about all the cool things I could do when I get there. Although the excitement is half-murdered traveling in a TATA Bus for almost 14 hours , by the time I reach home I am alive enough just to give warm hugs to mom-dad and siblings. So half of the time I thought I would invest in meeting old pals , watching TV and getting to know cleanliness better (..thanks to Pilani ) is brutally wasted in just...sleeping.! Half of the meals I eat at home are a break from my marathon sleep pattern, so I almost forget what I ate by the time I am in senses. And when its time to watch TV at night in that warm homely quilt , I think about how stupid it is to watch TV , I mean come on there's no buffering involved , everything is just plain simply running..how boring ! . .. So when I get back to Pilani , I am still thinking about all those things I could have done at home but didn't .. !

... And ya that reminds me of one more wanna-be analogy .I am sure , on the first day in Pilani , all of us would have roamed around campus and vowed to see the Museum one day ... which till today after more than four years is left untouched !!...sweet ! And I know atleast a dozen fat/tiny folks ( no offense to those who should take offense) who were once determined to shed weight or gain weight respectively but till date they have done nothing better than ....just look worse every new semester... :D

We should probably give a name to this phenomenon , it happens with all of us right? , It sure does! .. Things we all wanted to do but didn't because we are just plain lazy or just not creative enough at the right time!! Hail psenti-semites and the wanna-be's!! =)