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Jul 23, 2006

Welcome to the land of Aryans..

Let me count.....more than 8 news channels ....around 50 hours ....all 'national news channels' , broadcasting some village in kurukshetra district and blabbering that their videos were 'the latest' and their repsective news channels were getting the most number of calls from India and abroad . People will not be sleeping until a 5 year old gets out from a 60 feet deep pit.

Thats a complete waste of media , atleast one media channel coudl have thought that when its clear that all channels are showing the same damn thing , why dont we show something of national importance , how about a guy in tribal area of bihar who didnt have food from last 7 days ....or maybe what was the haryana CM doing at the spot of stuck-kid thing .... i mean when he came all the armymen had to move back to let CM have a better look at a kid about whom he doesnt give a fook ?? ...he just stopped the relief work ...same thing happened after Mumbai blasts , ministers came and stopped it all , bloody blood suckers.

Atleast media can work hand in hand , and give the viewer an all-round information about the world around us , not that all news channels get stuck at the same damn kid.Why cant they work collectively , rather than being selfish morons? ....

Anyways its 23rd today and 2+3 = 5 is the premium number of the Illuminati and those media people just dont care....

Jul 21, 2006

Bestowed with the responsibility of loading softwares and mp3s into my new notebook (..oh what a responsbility...!!) , I new some p2p software had to come to my rescue , so I began my search.

Initially , that is in my home desktop computer, I used to go with p2p's such as iMesh , Kazaa and Warez , but sadly all of these after a good month of slavery , started giving my XP some surprises , yes , the spywares and the hidden malicious programs.So this time I was cautious knowing the consequences of undecisive step.

www.download.com has always been my most trusted site regarding downloading softwares , and luckily they had Limewire 4.12.3 in the most trusted softwares list and I am not repenting anything , it works just fine and can really search some rare songs too!! , so yipppeee!!!


[b]And after a week of BSNL shutting down all indian blogs , my blog is finally back till BSNL goes mad again...[/b]

Jul 14, 2006

wierd....wierd....wierd...I finally ended up buying a HP-Pavilion notebook instead of lenovo3000N-Series due to negative response as told to me by the shopkeeper and let me tll you this thing rocks.Its a 12" inch and really wide screen,as light as 2.44 kgs , inbuilt webcam , 512 MB RAM (upgradeable) , 80 Gb har disk space , bluetooh,ethernet compatible,Wireless enabled , DVD/RW dual layer , multiple ports , hp-earphones , detachable mouse , mp3-remote control system , 3+ hrs battery time , automatic XP-recovery system , 1.8 GHz and lots more , and its really worth the prize...

Jul 12, 2006

Buying a laptop isnt that easy of a job , especially when you havent ever bought one... My two days of research on latops has finally led me to some fruitful conclusion...a lenovo 3000N100 laptop with reasonable price packed with latest specifications:
512 MB Ram,60 Gb hard disk,Intel Core Duo Centrino technology,1.8 GHz,Bluetooth,Wireless,DVD/RW,In-built webcamera ,fingerprint-reader,card reader, external silver-line coating , multiple ports and lots of more core specifications.
Just some of my humble statments if you are going to choose a notebook over a desktop:

1.Notebooks are not exaclty meant for fast-pixeled gaming , whereas desktops are , so if you are a gaming freak , a touchpad would spoil all the fun.

2. Big screens in case of notebooks shouldnt arouse you much ..notebooks are meant to be handy and mobile. 14" are the most preferred , 15" are larger than life and look cool while surfing , but not always handy.

3. Your laptop should have atleast 512 MB RAM , nothing less or you will be screwed.

4. Prefer Intel Processors over AMD-Turion , just something a word of mouth.Intel Centrino Core duo is cool.

5. Buying a mouse along with a laptop is always helpful.

6.Dont forget a good Pixel CARD and a graphics card of atleast 128 MB.

7.A card reader is a must for uploading external data like that of a digicam.

8. Prefer lightweight and something sleek , you might need to see your budget before you jump for this option.

9. Make sure it is wireless and Ethernet compatible for all those cool places with LAN and wireless access.

Thats it...any queries you can certainly trouble mt at my mail ID ;)

Jul 7, 2006

Holidays are a relief , but , not for someone who is addicted to having a busy schedule , but now it seems that is history , havent done anything BIG in these holidays besides eWonder , ofcourse , downloading music is another good past-time escpecially when you have an ear for all kinds of genres.Ofcourse its always Rock genre which wins but occasional punjabi , hindi-pop also does the marijuana for the sound-receptors.Currently addicted to:

Sab Bhula Ke: The Call(another paki band...)
Corduroy:PearlJam (amazing lyrics)
The Diary Of Jane : Breaking Benjamin (another amazing song)
My December : Linkin Park (can someone help me get off this song!! , i have been listening to it since three years and still not tired of it...)

So all the time you were wondering that why havent you istened to any of the above songs , I can certainly advice you to download some p2p software like Warez,iMesh,Kazaa and blah blah blah , I generally use Warez , and keep a anti-spy software handy in your computer system , these p2p bring with them loads of surprises...!!

Heights of vellapanti...

Well sorry for the Bitsian Slang , but i certainly belong ot the class of elite people who are doing everything and still ending up doing .....nothing(not exactly but thats how i put it)..I am enjoying learning C++ escpecially after all those classes bunked...programming brings with its own vigour and interest , also learning Java(this one by my self through some ebook I downloaded from eSnips.com..) , so in between managing eWonder , listening to wierd rock bands and digesting cosmology , I also find time to sweat it out by playing cricket for an hour and Table-tennis for 38-59 minutes ... (oh..I can even tell the exact time..!!..) ...So while you are wondering if I may chose to stop blabbering here , I am flattered by your thoughts , so I think there is an urgent need to just...shut up!