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Jul 21, 2006

Bestowed with the responsibility of loading softwares and mp3s into my new notebook (..oh what a responsbility...!!) , I new some p2p software had to come to my rescue , so I began my search.

Initially , that is in my home desktop computer, I used to go with p2p's such as iMesh , Kazaa and Warez , but sadly all of these after a good month of slavery , started giving my XP some surprises , yes , the spywares and the hidden malicious programs.So this time I was cautious knowing the consequences of undecisive step.

www.download.com has always been my most trusted site regarding downloading softwares , and luckily they had Limewire 4.12.3 in the most trusted softwares list and I am not repenting anything , it works just fine and can really search some rare songs too!! , so yipppeee!!!


[b]And after a week of BSNL shutting down all indian blogs , my blog is finally back till BSNL goes mad again...[/b]

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