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Jul 12, 2006

Buying a laptop isnt that easy of a job , especially when you havent ever bought one... My two days of research on latops has finally led me to some fruitful conclusion...a lenovo 3000N100 laptop with reasonable price packed with latest specifications:
512 MB Ram,60 Gb hard disk,Intel Core Duo Centrino technology,1.8 GHz,Bluetooth,Wireless,DVD/RW,In-built webcamera ,fingerprint-reader,card reader, external silver-line coating , multiple ports and lots of more core specifications.
Just some of my humble statments if you are going to choose a notebook over a desktop:

1.Notebooks are not exaclty meant for fast-pixeled gaming , whereas desktops are , so if you are a gaming freak , a touchpad would spoil all the fun.

2. Big screens in case of notebooks shouldnt arouse you much ..notebooks are meant to be handy and mobile. 14" are the most preferred , 15" are larger than life and look cool while surfing , but not always handy.

3. Your laptop should have atleast 512 MB RAM , nothing less or you will be screwed.

4. Prefer Intel Processors over AMD-Turion , just something a word of mouth.Intel Centrino Core duo is cool.

5. Buying a mouse along with a laptop is always helpful.

6.Dont forget a good Pixel CARD and a graphics card of atleast 128 MB.

7.A card reader is a must for uploading external data like that of a digicam.

8. Prefer lightweight and something sleek , you might need to see your budget before you jump for this option.

9. Make sure it is wireless and Ethernet compatible for all those cool places with LAN and wireless access.

Thats it...any queries you can certainly trouble mt at my mail ID ;)


  1. Play peace1:30:00 AM

    1. This laptop hangs too much,
    Vendor told this laptop(yeah, this lenovo3000 with Duo core processor) is Givin a lot of trouble 2 users, so be prepared, or go 4 solo processor.

    2.I dont know if this one has, but go 4 Laptop with widescreen. Its amazing, a 14.1 Wide screen is sufficient.

    3. Notebooks r not at all bad 4 gamers, all u need is a small Usb notebook mice(these r compact than normal ones) or u can hav a wireless one. For graphics enhancement, 3d gaming, get a graphics card(go get a GEForce FX Go5200,if u can).

    Usb mouse: Abt 800 bucks.
    Wireless : 2000 bucks
    GeForcfe Fx5200 : Dnt ask

    4.Do purchase Nice headphones or hav external notebook speakers, i hav one.
    Much better sound(5.1 surround)
    cost: abt 1200 bucks

    5. Get a flashdisk. Its necessary,go for 512+ mb.

    6. Theirs a hell lot of information, So BJ, do add it. I cant write anymore.

  2. thanx ambaliya....

    To add more regarding gaming thing , I have seen lot of students in my hostel with desktops can run games better than those with notebooks.Not all notebooks are bad for gaming , it all depends on the specifications.A 1 Lakh Sony Vaio is God for gaming experience whereas a lenovo3000 of 48K would help you load an dplay 2-3 games with no problems, but the more you load , more trouble it gives,Try playing FIFA 2005 after loading 4 full version games iun yur laptop , whereas a good destop wont give you problems.

    Du Core processors are better than solo if used properly , Duo Core is for multithreading utilities , that is you can still play a game at the sam epace with an antivirus program running in the background.But a solo processor would certainly give you troubles.Personal experience.

    And as I told in my points , buying a mouse is always a good option, for gaming or otherwise.

  3. Anonymous6:50:00 AM

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