"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Jul 7, 2006

Holidays are a relief , but , not for someone who is addicted to having a busy schedule , but now it seems that is history , havent done anything BIG in these holidays besides eWonder , ofcourse , downloading music is another good past-time escpecially when you have an ear for all kinds of genres.Ofcourse its always Rock genre which wins but occasional punjabi , hindi-pop also does the marijuana for the sound-receptors.Currently addicted to:

Sab Bhula Ke: The Call(another paki band...)
Corduroy:PearlJam (amazing lyrics)
The Diary Of Jane : Breaking Benjamin (another amazing song)
My December : Linkin Park (can someone help me get off this song!! , i have been listening to it since three years and still not tired of it...)

So all the time you were wondering that why havent you istened to any of the above songs , I can certainly advice you to download some p2p software like Warez,iMesh,Kazaa and blah blah blah , I generally use Warez , and keep a anti-spy software handy in your computer system , these p2p bring with them loads of surprises...!!

Heights of vellapanti...

Well sorry for the Bitsian Slang , but i certainly belong ot the class of elite people who are doing everything and still ending up doing .....nothing(not exactly but thats how i put it)..I am enjoying learning C++ escpecially after all those classes bunked...programming brings with its own vigour and interest , also learning Java(this one by my self through some ebook I downloaded from eSnips.com..) , so in between managing eWonder , listening to wierd rock bands and digesting cosmology , I also find time to sweat it out by playing cricket for an hour and Table-tennis for 38-59 minutes ... (oh..I can even tell the exact time..!!..) ...So while you are wondering if I may chose to stop blabbering here , I am flattered by your thoughts , so I think there is an urgent need to just...shut up!

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