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Jul 23, 2006

Welcome to the land of Aryans..

Let me count.....more than 8 news channels ....around 50 hours ....all 'national news channels' , broadcasting some village in kurukshetra district and blabbering that their videos were 'the latest' and their repsective news channels were getting the most number of calls from India and abroad . People will not be sleeping until a 5 year old gets out from a 60 feet deep pit.

Thats a complete waste of media , atleast one media channel coudl have thought that when its clear that all channels are showing the same damn thing , why dont we show something of national importance , how about a guy in tribal area of bihar who didnt have food from last 7 days ....or maybe what was the haryana CM doing at the spot of stuck-kid thing .... i mean when he came all the armymen had to move back to let CM have a better look at a kid about whom he doesnt give a fook ?? ...he just stopped the relief work ...same thing happened after Mumbai blasts , ministers came and stopped it all , bloody blood suckers.

Atleast media can work hand in hand , and give the viewer an all-round information about the world around us , not that all news channels get stuck at the same damn kid.Why cant they work collectively , rather than being selfish morons? ....

Anyways its 23rd today and 2+3 = 5 is the premium number of the Illuminati and those media people just dont care....

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