"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Dec 26, 2006

[Life]:'How Genesis Of A Story Works..."

gen·e·sis Pronunciation (jn-ss)n. pl. gen·e·ses (-sz) 1. The coming into being of something; the origin.

Not all of us are really sure what path we are following , but most of us are happy that we are going someway . This can be in case of decisions , interests , selfishness and to some extent whats 'standard'. Consider the same in case of technology . Even speaking 'Technology' doesnt make you feel 'technical' , its like 'Technology' like 'Science' is as broad as the latter. Now being an Engineering Student , I am not sure of my path , but I certainly know that If I do what is told to me ( maybe by the professors , elders and other old people who think they have a bit more grey matter than us....(students)..) .. I would certainly yield a fruitful result , that would give me a comfortable lifestyle , 'standard' lifestyle and a bit more than I require ...

But...its not always that simple , passing out of a good institute with the 'degree' you got through your entrance examination , wont make you an expert in that field , even if you end up doing a PhD. in that field . It doesn't end here , guys like 'Mani Shankar' , a chemical engineer from BITS ending up as a movie producer ...who knew?? ... So you might be one of those who might end in a completely different scenario/field as of now , so whats best is follow the well known "Wait and Watch" strategy..

Last week , I came from Delhi where I went as part of the BITS team for St.Stephen's , Delhi Science Fest . Many of the Science Talks and Summits were really penetrating , going by what one of the Genetics gentleman spoke "A Stephenie who will be giving a noble lecture in some topic he never studied at St.Stephens ....it wasn't even his branch" ... presented in front me a perfect example of a guy who passed out with a degree from one of the best science colleges of the country , started gaining interest in something he didn't even remotely study in his science college.

So...it goes on .. think ... we are all at the mercy of a degree , 'not-so-obedient' puppets in the hands of 'not-so-authoritative' intellectuals ... But it goes without saying that to feel the truth ,
you have to seek inside yourself . So thats what I did ...

I felt a slowly developing interest in basic Sciences while preparing for IIT examination , maybe the company of a roommate (who is now at IITK ) catalyzed it. But it was always an internal interest I never let out in public , because I knew engineering was the way , and above all , I never found handling technical things or dealing with mathematical paradigms difficult, but always a bit more interesting than fundamental Sciences. But then the path I chose , always had two directions , one which I would end up with , and one end which would travel with me . It was difficult but then God has his (with respect to all females..) own ways . I am now pursuing a dual degree , one in basic sciences and one in engineering . Consider it anything you want , but this came naturally somehow from somewhere , uncalled for , unasked for ...just given away..

So , when I went to the Fest at Delhi , I presented a paper on my all time favorite topic of 'Gravitational Wave Theory' (..sorry for the coughs you got..) which I have been studying on my own , even without knowing much about Einstein's GR paper of 1915, I was doing something he presented in his paper . The satisfaction on presenting such a paper was far too enticing , the story doesn't end here , God has flown in for more adventures,more pains and not too forget far more surprises which I will cease to mention over here , but there's a 'sweet' story in the making ...

"This is how things work , each one of us have a "Genesis" of our own "

Nov 11, 2006

Note: The proxy is no more working.I have deleted the URL due to some personal reasons.

This thing came to my mind this very morning , I thought that I have been supplying orkut proxies daily to numerous people , why dont I do such a thing , which would reduce my workload and allow others to surf without wandering around in search of proxies.Ofcourse the URL can be accessed in other institutes too , but titling it "Just for BITSians" made it more penetrating in the minds of people.Some information on how it works:
  • There are circumventors on the net which believe in internet freedom of each individual surfer and thus supply proxies to let people surf whatever they intend to, these proxies somehow reach us in the hostels (at BITS) , and the IPC people block it , then we are in wait for more proxies ....
  • So what I did was , take one primaryURL , which redirects your browser to another secondary URL which is a proxy the circumventor supplies.Now as the circumventor provides new proxies , I manually get them and redirect to them through the primary URL which is "currently" www.orbitskut.coz.in
  • Now , IPC people may just block this primary URL of mine too , but I have taken precautions , as in inserted the word "bits" in it ..I guess you get why I did that ...

Problems that may happen : Circumventor may stop working , the URL may get blocked somehow , delay in next proxy supply by the Circumventor...

I guess thats it , but I am in the process of making it more foolproof as of now , till then enjoy the meat...


Oct 27, 2006

Reservation Issue Back in News
This morning's TOI diverted a good amount of attention , especially , when it had something to do with BITS,Pilani .
"In a major setback to the antiquota campaign , private unaided institutes like BITS Pilani , Manipal and Symbiosis on Thursday unanimously agreed to implement the 27% reservation for OBC's "
-Times Of India
"A group of deemed universities including some prestigious ones today backed HRD Minister Arjun Singh's move for reservation in unaided institutes but BITS, Pilani, strongly opposed it................However, opposing the move, BITS said they were not part of the meeting convened by the HRD Ministry....................................According to BITS, merit must be the only criteria for admissions, he said adding so as to ensure homogenous input into the higher education system. "
Well , the above few extracts do present the true picture as compared to the TOI one . Talking to many of my friends , this news has come as a shock to us , thus violating the age-old BITS tradition of admission strictly on merit-basis . The reservation implementation will take some time before it is fully part of the admission process as several factors like the fee structure have to be taken into account.
I could have been the guy on TV burning Arjun Singh's mannequin , but only for these tests and quizzes , I must confess I can do nothing except write about it...

Oct 24, 2006

Half Life...

Well , the wait finally came to an end...I am finally into the the Half-Life phenomena ...!!! ...The best PC game of The Decade took its time to get into my hands...but better late than never...!!! , I am into the fifth Scenario of this highly acclaimed PC game ...and believe me the game rocks!! , I was fedup of run-of-the-mill types where you enter an environment and get to kill a bunch of gonemad freaks , the more you kill the more you advance....but HL was hmm...more intelligent I would say , reaching the ceiling through Air-drift or demolishing a Four-Tentacle Monster which only responds to sounds , and cant see ...was damn fun!!! ...

You are Gordon Freeman , Ph.D Theoretical Physics ,MIT , and at the start of the game you find yourself in Black Mesa Research Lab .....and you actually 'LIVE' the game rather 'game' through it , you wear a hazard-suit which helps you cope up with Black-Mesa Lab which is now all covered up by radioactive materials .... (due to a failed experiment , n you r partly responsible..) ...throughout the game you get to deal with genetically gone wrong bodies and some human-scientists , security guards who help you out during the process....

Graphics are really good , and really innovative enemies(the barnacles..!!..) , and highly intelligent methods to solve the problems...this game is highly addictive ...

I am only at the fifth Scenario which is the 'Blast Pit' and I am stuck there...till then I am hooked to the game ...and will keep updating my progress .. :)

Oct 8, 2006

Timebound Front

From a single point , scattered in all directions ...

My life's representative , a ray of light ...

Though the ray is full of disturbances and vibrations...

There's a straightness to conclude,

If possibe I could have travelled on , but just for the time constraint ...

The friction between the eyegazers , how time helps faint...

If I didnt knew much , I'd prefer to pretend silent ,

In my soul , a special place , the past holds ,

Some laughed , I feared a fiasco , the belief was not so sure,

The past came back , and knocked at my neighbour's day...

Oct 3, 2006

Last night was my first night when I kept awake all through the night , my first nighout for studies!!!! .....and tallaah!!! , ES went just fine , not tooo good but fine with me atleast!!!.... Its ghoting season , and I am gonna miss some more nights , its been 25 hours since I took a sleep...and my eyes are getting heavy and I have deptt sessions to attend , physics class to go ...and blah blah blah ...

And I have been learning 'Fix You - Coldplay" on my Guitar ...just love this song!!!!!........and for that matter , the happiness sustained...


Sep 29, 2006

"And high up above or down below
When you're too in love to let it go
But if you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth"

Perhaps 28/9/06 would be a memorable day for me ...a day anyone would wait their lives for...perhaps I would have for eternity ....but it came quite melodiously easy , and at a good time ..I hope this post will leave a headstone behind in my memory's graveyard....

"Dreams are made winding through my head,
Through my head,
Before you know,
Awake..... "

Aug 20, 2006

Sun will shine brighter , I will break the chains
When the difference fades away , Someday someday..


Jul 23, 2006

Welcome to the land of Aryans..

Let me count.....more than 8 news channels ....around 50 hours ....all 'national news channels' , broadcasting some village in kurukshetra district and blabbering that their videos were 'the latest' and their repsective news channels were getting the most number of calls from India and abroad . People will not be sleeping until a 5 year old gets out from a 60 feet deep pit.

Thats a complete waste of media , atleast one media channel coudl have thought that when its clear that all channels are showing the same damn thing , why dont we show something of national importance , how about a guy in tribal area of bihar who didnt have food from last 7 days ....or maybe what was the haryana CM doing at the spot of stuck-kid thing .... i mean when he came all the armymen had to move back to let CM have a better look at a kid about whom he doesnt give a fook ?? ...he just stopped the relief work ...same thing happened after Mumbai blasts , ministers came and stopped it all , bloody blood suckers.

Atleast media can work hand in hand , and give the viewer an all-round information about the world around us , not that all news channels get stuck at the same damn kid.Why cant they work collectively , rather than being selfish morons? ....

Anyways its 23rd today and 2+3 = 5 is the premium number of the Illuminati and those media people just dont care....

Jul 21, 2006

Bestowed with the responsibility of loading softwares and mp3s into my new notebook (..oh what a responsbility...!!) , I new some p2p software had to come to my rescue , so I began my search.

Initially , that is in my home desktop computer, I used to go with p2p's such as iMesh , Kazaa and Warez , but sadly all of these after a good month of slavery , started giving my XP some surprises , yes , the spywares and the hidden malicious programs.So this time I was cautious knowing the consequences of undecisive step.

www.download.com has always been my most trusted site regarding downloading softwares , and luckily they had Limewire 4.12.3 in the most trusted softwares list and I am not repenting anything , it works just fine and can really search some rare songs too!! , so yipppeee!!!


[b]And after a week of BSNL shutting down all indian blogs , my blog is finally back till BSNL goes mad again...[/b]

Jul 14, 2006

wierd....wierd....wierd...I finally ended up buying a HP-Pavilion notebook instead of lenovo3000N-Series due to negative response as told to me by the shopkeeper and let me tll you this thing rocks.Its a 12" inch and really wide screen,as light as 2.44 kgs , inbuilt webcam , 512 MB RAM (upgradeable) , 80 Gb har disk space , bluetooh,ethernet compatible,Wireless enabled , DVD/RW dual layer , multiple ports , hp-earphones , detachable mouse , mp3-remote control system , 3+ hrs battery time , automatic XP-recovery system , 1.8 GHz and lots more , and its really worth the prize...

Jul 12, 2006

Buying a laptop isnt that easy of a job , especially when you havent ever bought one... My two days of research on latops has finally led me to some fruitful conclusion...a lenovo 3000N100 laptop with reasonable price packed with latest specifications:
512 MB Ram,60 Gb hard disk,Intel Core Duo Centrino technology,1.8 GHz,Bluetooth,Wireless,DVD/RW,In-built webcamera ,fingerprint-reader,card reader, external silver-line coating , multiple ports and lots of more core specifications.
Just some of my humble statments if you are going to choose a notebook over a desktop:

1.Notebooks are not exaclty meant for fast-pixeled gaming , whereas desktops are , so if you are a gaming freak , a touchpad would spoil all the fun.

2. Big screens in case of notebooks shouldnt arouse you much ..notebooks are meant to be handy and mobile. 14" are the most preferred , 15" are larger than life and look cool while surfing , but not always handy.

3. Your laptop should have atleast 512 MB RAM , nothing less or you will be screwed.

4. Prefer Intel Processors over AMD-Turion , just something a word of mouth.Intel Centrino Core duo is cool.

5. Buying a mouse along with a laptop is always helpful.

6.Dont forget a good Pixel CARD and a graphics card of atleast 128 MB.

7.A card reader is a must for uploading external data like that of a digicam.

8. Prefer lightweight and something sleek , you might need to see your budget before you jump for this option.

9. Make sure it is wireless and Ethernet compatible for all those cool places with LAN and wireless access.

Thats it...any queries you can certainly trouble mt at my mail ID ;)

Jul 7, 2006

Holidays are a relief , but , not for someone who is addicted to having a busy schedule , but now it seems that is history , havent done anything BIG in these holidays besides eWonder , ofcourse , downloading music is another good past-time escpecially when you have an ear for all kinds of genres.Ofcourse its always Rock genre which wins but occasional punjabi , hindi-pop also does the marijuana for the sound-receptors.Currently addicted to:

Sab Bhula Ke: The Call(another paki band...)
Corduroy:PearlJam (amazing lyrics)
The Diary Of Jane : Breaking Benjamin (another amazing song)
My December : Linkin Park (can someone help me get off this song!! , i have been listening to it since three years and still not tired of it...)

So all the time you were wondering that why havent you istened to any of the above songs , I can certainly advice you to download some p2p software like Warez,iMesh,Kazaa and blah blah blah , I generally use Warez , and keep a anti-spy software handy in your computer system , these p2p bring with them loads of surprises...!!

Heights of vellapanti...

Well sorry for the Bitsian Slang , but i certainly belong ot the class of elite people who are doing everything and still ending up doing .....nothing(not exactly but thats how i put it)..I am enjoying learning C++ escpecially after all those classes bunked...programming brings with its own vigour and interest , also learning Java(this one by my self through some ebook I downloaded from eSnips.com..) , so in between managing eWonder , listening to wierd rock bands and digesting cosmology , I also find time to sweat it out by playing cricket for an hour and Table-tennis for 38-59 minutes ... (oh..I can even tell the exact time..!!..) ...So while you are wondering if I may chose to stop blabbering here , I am flattered by your thoughts , so I think there is an urgent need to just...shut up!

Jun 25, 2006

I am one of the rare specie who is always on the lookout for random information not necessarily related to my subjects or my interests or anything for that matter.And for all my knowledge thirst ... Wiki has always been my thirst quencher , apart from that my only honest interest being in cosmology , I founf Astro-En to be quite good and informative. perhaps I dont know if you are one of those who like geeks like me , but if anything in a dog's bone interests you , you may like to chew this:

Lake Vida
Monty Hall Problem
Morse Code
The Ring Nebula
(I am in love with this nebula...)
and if you want to curse me , or hit me , or serial-kill , or want to just tell me how much nerd I am , you can register at my geek-project http://www.bitsproject.coz.in ....

Jun 19, 2006

My Own Prison

Shackles all around me , my only chains are the given one,
These iron bars are like vertical , downfalls of my own somone,
I stand on the tattered-floor , and out of the window I summon,
While I shout and scream , Sigh is the only sound hearable in my space,
Maybe they never heard my voice , or maybe its a different case...
And though all of them wanted pretty houses above the hills , I was on a different mission,
Arms held up high , I was floating in the air while I could see four walls making My Own Prison,
I dont welcome you here , this is a doomed paradise, happy sunrise swept away my the stone-walls,
Though the merciful God is shy all along , I keep my ears open to hear if someone calls,
I will wait forever through the seasons and the times,
A peaceful soul inside , I cry at my own crimes.... .. BJ

Jun 13, 2006

Palampur Tea Gardens,Himachal
The himachal adventure captured in the camera....presenting the Album .... Click at the link below:

Jun 5, 2006

How to make your life longer...?

Sitting on my revolving-chair , a fly starts troubling me a lot...a house-fly , all lazed up and tired , the fly sits on my computer-desk , I had better choices ... instead of wondering about the fly thats been troubling me for last few minutes , I was more interested in clicking that 'submit' button , Orkutting...! , not expecting but the self-decissive brain casually lifts my arm up , I get hold of the nearest newpaper , fold it up and expecting that I would not , in any way possible , could hit that fly , I know house-flies are fast creatures...actually faster than the time it takes for us to determine if we can be faster while trying to hit the known-faster thing....

So with least-expectance of hitting the house-fly , I fold the paper and hit the fly 'snap'! ....a witty sound ...I just killed that fly ....I mean why the hell it didnt fly ....I didnt want to kill it!! .... I was sure I wasnt going to hit it , it was supposed to be quick ...But I had hit it... a sudden-silence in the room ... walls gazing at my right hand .... 'the quicker one' ... my heart skips a beat ... I had just killed a fly ....though it all took less than one second to complete the guilt.... it seemed like I was trapped in a silent-room for hours ...repenting my act...

Perhaps , many a times when your life seems longer than its supposed to be.... times when we do something unsatisfying ,tiring, like standing in a queue with 56 people in front and 22 behind for four hours...is far more longer than watching India Vs. Pakistan match for more than 8 hours...Life does seem longer if it is filled with unpleasent-conditions...but then whose up for that.....?....So...do you want a longer life?...think again...

May 23, 2006

The picture is of the days when BITS Alumni and Students were helping the Tsunami Victims to regain back their lost dreams...In this picture is seen a man wearing a BITS,Pilani T-Shirt ...with BITS written in ASCII binary-codes..

May 15, 2006

Reservation Blues
Homecoming was fruitful , relieved from that boiling land of pilani ... Just the previous night , my nocturnalness was still at its very best (thanks to BITS,Pilani ) , It was a long time since I last switched on to the NDTV news channel , generally I am good at watching news when there's nothing else interesting coming on the other channels , I found out that this reservation thing was getting worse , students being beaten up by the hawaldars , the demonstrations are also making ther fingers count in other parts namely Amritsar/Orissa/Mumbai/Delhi , and somehow I sense that this may end up as a nationwide doctors-strike at the end of this month , I wont like to put up my opinion here as these demonstrations to me , nothing more than the uglier-side of an indian , someone who will not miss an oppurtunity to dive into the ongoing procession and to raise his voice for any damn cause .
The DaVinci Code , well, an interesting piece of religious relolution,perhaps religion demolition ... the book did a great business , so will the movie, no doubts. But then ... even though the movie is doing great business , and no christian in all other christian-majority countries never opposed the screening of the movie .... it was the 'indian-christian' who though that the movie is against his religious-beliefs , I wont say its his fault , just an uglier-side of an indian ....demonstrations....and more demonstrations ... and somehow you and me , irrespective of how much we hate the system , will put up our voice in it and further ignite the already burning issue ...

May 10, 2006

Just a little myriad achievment ....
"God's Own Country" - A Poem By Bandan Jot Singh , published in Musings-Vol.5 ,Bits Pilani

Still wonder why they have distributed the Musings magazines to only the ones who have got their poetic pieces in it...it should have been made available to the junta ... anyways I would be putting up online-version of the same on my blog ... :)

May 6, 2006

It was rather a dusty view,I was running at speeds nearing speed of light..
I was following someone, who didnt knew I existed ,
Everything was blurry , considering the tremendous speeds , so true!
I lost myself , I lost the one who didnt knew I existed,
My eyes were weary , everything went dim,
I wanted to be awake,so that I could atleast hear 'it' breathe,
Though I wasnt panting , just a hoarse wind whooshing through my lungs,
'It' reminded me of 'fringes of tall palm trees' and small water bodies,
But I lost the view, 'it' wasnt there nomore , no empty cause to force my pride,
I decided to slow down, then I found a ray of hope,
Thy heard a song , mesmerised by 'her' voice , I was magnetised, attracted..
I followed the ray of light , and I was at my arm's length , to touch...
She ran away ............... and I woke up from a dream , fighting my own grudge...

Apr 27, 2006

A letter to Thyself

Dear Bandan,

Actually things never happened
It was not my fault nor anyone else's
And now when everything got swept away ,
Like a thunderstorm sweeps the city away..
Now when everything that happened seems like a fading-hue...
When the sky above me , is all black-n-blue..
When the scorching heat , further salts my wounds..
And all that is left is this , but I know wounds are meant to get healed..
I havent lost hope , just a momentary lapse...
Unknown reasons , a confused someone..
Heated up discussions ...... no particular reason..
Sulking into an AbySS , I know , it seems all so divine..
Someone has to understand , I know things would be fine... ;)


Apr 15, 2006

Its time yet again , to start thinking about the ways we can tell the psenti-semites to leave this place ,Pilani , all assocs , deptt , clubs busy fixing the dates . I still remember the vela timepass-sessions had with the Dofies , God{!} (xclaim!!) we were killing time or perhaps being killed by time slowly , gulped by the marshy thick layers of stagnant water...... I did screw up my last sem acads , but I havent got many reasons why , ....hell with that ....this sem , Though I am not still studying , But i am pretending to make sure to thyself that I am trying..... yet again my normal day is again iterated by net-surfing at IPC , listening my beloved-MP4 player , sleeping , been gussing baski 4 dignity , otherwise I would have completely fooked-up my acads , but by God's Will , except one damn subject , I am NOT atleast getting screwed.... though I am still loving it with the fellow Dofies....and to some extent with fellow DoTites ... Its time to bid farewell to one of the best guys around in campus...The ones who are puzzled , dont roam around searching for him .... dont come to me , just close this window and go do better things ....

Apr 11, 2006

On the right side of the river ,
Lies a broken stone , withered by the same layers that gave it home,
Blossoming sunshine and the same old backlit canopy ;
Resting on a faithless sanity , The stone would not complain,
Something stepped upon it , undignified , it lies there,
Still thinking about the broken past , it concludes that no-one cares...

Mar 30, 2006

I logged on to Orkut today and Today's Fortune stated that:

"You are going to have a very comfortable old age"

So what did it exactly meant ? ... Am I going to get old comfortably ....or is it that when I will get old I will live comfortably , or my age would be very comfortable when I grow old , something like ," Hey I am 72 , does that number sound comfortable to you?" ... or something like , " Hey I am old , now I can expect a comfortable lifestyle !!" , or should it be like "Hey buddy , sooner or later you will realize I am more comfortable at my age than your comfortability at your old-age , its not relative as it may seem to your Comfortability!!" ..... OR would it be like 'I am """going""" to have a very comfortable old-age , so maybe I need to go somewhere to achieve the comfortness I yearn for....????? ......
A light from the northern part of the sky..

Below it ... I wasnt standing .... maybe it was the Aurora , that amazing display of light...

One of my other souls departed under the hidden shades , but how didnt I come to know..

Maybe a temporary loss of mind-presence or a blunder on my own side????

Water droplets on my right cheek... simplified...all so simplified...

Not more than enough was me perception , I hid it behind my back...

Sanctified , a bit rectified , a hidden truth of my other soul... not 'HE' ...

I asked , I shouted , voice pitch so high , my second one lost the 'given' ABod(e)...

My other haLF was still wondering , If I am being donated to God...

Mar 27, 2006

"And everyday when the knife in my back starts to twinge n' turn,
My eyes are catching fire and my heart starts to burn.
A foot away from you is like a bit closer to heaven,
Then again it's like being needled 24/7"
Currently badly addicted to this song called "Needled 24/7" by Children Of Bodom . And if you are thinking of downloading this mp3 , I advise dont ... Alexi Rocks!

Mar 16, 2006

Had a really busy day , did lots of things , not much to write about though , just that going home tomorrow , though I dont feel like leaving BITS , but mom's waiting .. :) ....and I miss the fights with my little brother , so here I go...

Mar 13, 2006

Just to avoid travelling during holi holidays , I am delaying my visit to home , and IPC centre would remain closed for two days and GYM-G too , so besides playing holiday , I would have to sort out ways to kill time...

Perhaps I should issue some book from the library , I am good at getting asleep while reading books , so that would kill a lot of time... attended a lecture today , it was sheer torture listening to Inorganic chemistry which is mostly cramming , planning a cricket game with the wingies in the evening ... ... and a trip to Khetri tomorrow witht he wingies .. and most probably Holi celeb. on wednesday..

Mar 11, 2006

I have a really tired pair of Legs , just got a bit too enthued while practising step-shoots at the Baski-court . And perhaps my coming 3 days would be damn boring , with acads going for a bit of nap , no RAF movies , wingies running home , and Holi-holiday and considering I cant go home before 16th , I think I would be having a real tough time suffering from loneliness ....

hmmmm..... ahh yes ... perhaps my only supporters during this time would be my cycle (i luv it.. when it speeds) , my walkman ( The typical Green Day,Radiohead /50 sent and Bhangra stuff..) and my pet lizard which is now back from winter-hibernation to check every single mosquito out there in my room ...

Perhaps I can use the coming 2-3 days for reading the J.Gribbin book I had issued from the library ... or maybe I can strum something on my guitar ... or maybe I can just sleep ..... the thing I am best at. .. :)

Mar 10, 2006

Pilani is a mysterious place . What more... , I witness 3 types of weather conditions in the same day. Morning 8-9 's are really cold (especially for a guy like me who has all day first hours) , so you really need to put some fiber onto your body , 10 - 1 are ok , and 1-3 PM's are blazing , 5-7 is when I have my basketball sessions , perhaps the best time of the day for me.. ... and in nights , it rains , so when did Mr.RainGod feel like crying in the early March , that also in the night??? ...

Green Day : Wake Me Up When September Ends :

"Here comes the rain again,
Falling from the stars ,
Drenched in my pain again ,
Becoming Who we Are... "

Most of my wingies are visiting home this coming week after their EG exams , I'm planning to visit home perhaps next-to-next week .. , for now my home is locked... Until then .. 'here comes the rain again...' :)

Mar 9, 2006

Well , its been 4 days , since I have started playing Basketball at BITS , ....last time I played it was in my 7th class , ...i remember I was the tallest boy in my class , and it was an Army School ... a big change for someone who has studied for 7 years at convent schools , and suddenly joining an Army School , it was because my family had shifted to the cantt. area of Ambala(Haryana) due to my papa's job , so... it was a whole new experience living along with army families .. well forget it ... my poor mind...it has soooooo many memories...

Well , yes Baski , though its just been 4 days , I am getting some rhythm in my shoots and dribbling is also getting better ... though the coach is really helping , I played a baski match with some Big guys ... and got badly screwed... :) , I was still a beginner . though I did my verryyyy Best....! ..Anyways .... hope my hard work will pay off...someday..

Mar 6, 2006

There are times when you are completely addicted to a song , and I must confess I just love the concept behind this particular song , its basically about common man and woman , living in a plastic world , where everyone is so commercialised with no space for human feelings left ,then the singer sings that although He loves a girl and 'she feels like the real thing', that is with all the chemicals and cosmetics on her face , she'has lost her true beauty and just fake-plastic face is left which feels like real ....the singer talks about the fake plastic earth and his plastic faced love.. ...I just love this song ...and I'm damn sure when I get at 80 , I would still love this song... Although lyrics when simply read are not so appealing , but the singer just bursts the emotions out of this song with his pinching-voice...A must d-ownlaod for all u mp3 freeakss!

'Fake Plastic Love: Radiohead' (Try to listen to the Acoustic Version....I like that more..)

Her Green plastic watering can
For her fake chinese rubber plant
In her fake plastic earth.
That she bought from a rubber man
In a town full of rubber plans.
to get rid of itself.
And It Wears Her Out, it wears her outIt wears her out, it wears her out.

She lives with a broken man
A cracked polystyrene man
Who just crumbles and burns.
He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins.
And It Wears Him Out, it wears him outIt wears him out, it wears him out.

She looks like the real thing
She tastes like the real thing
My Fake Plastic Love.
But I can't help the feeling
I could blow through the ceiling
If I just turn and run
And It Wears Me Out, it wears me outIt wears me out, it wears me out.

And if I could BE who you wanted
If I could BE who you wanted,
All the time, all the time, ohhh... ohh...

Mar 3, 2006

"I guess its been a long time since I have babbled about my life ... Like always ..I am again one of those guys who has a lot to do .... lots of jobs ...some of them imposed by the external world ...the ones which everyone must do to survive..while some self-created ones ...with a hope that I can still maintain the sanctity of my life...."

Being a burdened-soul these days , I am still counting upon my options , somethings I have to prioritize while some have to be decremented . I have been bestowed with the responsibilty of preparing for the Saturday-Science Debate , Saturday-Chem-Quiz , Baski-coaching(which I was suppose to start today...but cudnt...) ..( I always wanted to excel in baski ..i mean cum'on ...am so tall..) ....

Well besides all that , my 24x7 soft-corner for someone is always eyeing the opportunities which I am so regretful of...The only time I have been quite a loser is when my soft-corner acts sooo wierd... I just wish .... someday (quick enuff..) .... someone gets to know ....that I am not a loser...Just a bit confined and introvert when it comes to this matter...Because this is a public domain...I limit myself...to Stop Here...

Majority of my time in the day is passed on sitting infornt of the machine.. (comp.) , orkutting , blogging ...especially when I have so many other things to do...

I wish I would enclose all my problems in an envelope , seal it and throw it from the edge of a cliff no-one knows of...

Recently been listening to Green Day a lot... "Give me Novocaine.." ...I just love the drums...

Feb 27, 2006

Dont ask for the explainations but now I have a stronger belief in "Man proposes and God disposes..."......

Feb 26, 2006

Perhaps , I have learned something about myself ... there are times when you want to cut yourself from the world and have your own corner , with your own conscience talking to yourself , the happiness applausing for you and all the self-appraisals jumping in ... I have found out that I can be alone and not yet lonely...

I have found that all knowledge of this world is inside me ...I have found that it needed an Apple for Newton to decipher that it was Gravity that was pulling it , the idea was already inside Newton's grey cells , only a situation was needed in an external world to let the idea come out ...so all knowledge is already inside us and how much of it we can really take out and show it to the world is what is really called "knowledgable person" as for the one who is successful .....................

I have found out that Buddhism is one of the most simple and peaceful religions in the world ...the only Saint who doesnot mention about the God in his teachings and instead tells a normal being how you can lead yourself to the righteous path , all this came to me when I visited Bihar last year namely BodhGaya and Nalanda University , I had the oppurtunity to feel the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment , during which he deciphered all the knowledge he had inside himself. ...

Feb 22, 2006

It was a special day perhaps , the insti was hosting the infant care centre function , where sweet little kids moving their brittle body parts! ...though I knew about this programme through the server-mail , but who is interested in attending it when you have plenty of other things to do , but through my close friend , I did came to know ...that I was needed at the backstage to dress some little guy named Divyam , and Oh! God ! was he looking soooo cute in that Bhangra Dress , I guess he lived upto the expectation of the form of dance I have long cherished and performed , though I couldnt attend the programme , but that little kid did make an impression in my heart...

Feb 18, 2006

Now the results dont matter anymore , been used to every possible conclusion possible. Test-series is going fine but not as per my own convictions.... Somehow I find myself being enlightened up by something hidden....I do remember ....maybe but these are the words :

"He used to do surgery
For girls in the eighties
But Gravity always Wins and it wears them out..."

The best way to come over your own limits is to overcome them within the limits of Nature....

Feb 15, 2006

Small water drops stranded in the air
Hidden behind the reflections , a cloudy layer
Perhaps a fallen leaf , dragged along the wind-direction
Or my own mirror looking at my reverse-reaction...
A hint of serenity , the scenario fades away
Maybe the dew-drops fell , and on the ground they Lay...
Swallowed by the Ground , taken into control
My Vision blurred , someone else was looking through the hole...

Jan 28, 2006

This time I have a proud hand ... a fractured one..and yea it was fun writing the chem-tutorial with this special hand , what-so-if I fell on the concrete while playing baski-match , a player should try his best and his efforts should be independent of whats below him.

It was fun reading QM (for illiterates , its Quantum Mechanics...) , even though it isnt even in the syllabus for this semester , but I couldnt just give up my love for physics.Was longing to read about QED , so issued a book from the LIBRARY for the same, all in all , I pray to God to fix my hand , so that I can get back to Audi-practice sessions for Founder's Day.

Jan 1, 2006

I can see strange creatures dancing around , using everybit of agility that they possess , extracting happiness from each other's eyes , strange are the human beings for they celebrate with such ardour and will , The Earth has completed its revolution around the sun!!! , this just shows the emotional attachment that we fit in with every single event ...

When I see the animals without such capability of emo-attachment , for them , its just another day , sun sets like it does everyday , nothing new , so what if earth has once again revolved around the Big Ball Of Gas??? , the animals are continued to be deprived of their habitats , they dont need new-year's

Maybe they wonder ...someday these funny creatures called humanbeings learn that their agilities can be brought to better use , than for celebrating the earth-mechanics....

Anyways Happy New Year ...from a ..Human Being...