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Mar 9, 2006

Well , its been 4 days , since I have started playing Basketball at BITS , ....last time I played it was in my 7th class , ...i remember I was the tallest boy in my class , and it was an Army School ... a big change for someone who has studied for 7 years at convent schools , and suddenly joining an Army School , it was because my family had shifted to the cantt. area of Ambala(Haryana) due to my papa's job , so... it was a whole new experience living along with army families .. well forget it ... my poor mind...it has soooooo many memories...

Well , yes Baski , though its just been 4 days , I am getting some rhythm in my shoots and dribbling is also getting better ... though the coach is really helping , I played a baski match with some Big guys ... and got badly screwed... :) , I was still a beginner . though I did my verryyyy Best....! ..Anyways .... hope my hard work will pay off...someday..

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