"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Jun 25, 2006

I am one of the rare specie who is always on the lookout for random information not necessarily related to my subjects or my interests or anything for that matter.And for all my knowledge thirst ... Wiki has always been my thirst quencher , apart from that my only honest interest being in cosmology , I founf Astro-En to be quite good and informative. perhaps I dont know if you are one of those who like geeks like me , but if anything in a dog's bone interests you , you may like to chew this:

Lake Vida
Monty Hall Problem
Morse Code
The Ring Nebula
(I am in love with this nebula...)
and if you want to curse me , or hit me , or serial-kill , or want to just tell me how much nerd I am , you can register at my geek-project http://www.bitsproject.coz.in ....

Jun 19, 2006

My Own Prison

Shackles all around me , my only chains are the given one,
These iron bars are like vertical , downfalls of my own somone,
I stand on the tattered-floor , and out of the window I summon,
While I shout and scream , Sigh is the only sound hearable in my space,
Maybe they never heard my voice , or maybe its a different case...
And though all of them wanted pretty houses above the hills , I was on a different mission,
Arms held up high , I was floating in the air while I could see four walls making My Own Prison,
I dont welcome you here , this is a doomed paradise, happy sunrise swept away my the stone-walls,
Though the merciful God is shy all along , I keep my ears open to hear if someone calls,
I will wait forever through the seasons and the times,
A peaceful soul inside , I cry at my own crimes.... .. BJ

Jun 13, 2006

Palampur Tea Gardens,Himachal
The himachal adventure captured in the camera....presenting the Album .... Click at the link below:

Jun 5, 2006

How to make your life longer...?

Sitting on my revolving-chair , a fly starts troubling me a lot...a house-fly , all lazed up and tired , the fly sits on my computer-desk , I had better choices ... instead of wondering about the fly thats been troubling me for last few minutes , I was more interested in clicking that 'submit' button , Orkutting...! , not expecting but the self-decissive brain casually lifts my arm up , I get hold of the nearest newpaper , fold it up and expecting that I would not , in any way possible , could hit that fly , I know house-flies are fast creatures...actually faster than the time it takes for us to determine if we can be faster while trying to hit the known-faster thing....

So with least-expectance of hitting the house-fly , I fold the paper and hit the fly 'snap'! ....a witty sound ...I just killed that fly ....I mean why the hell it didnt fly ....I didnt want to kill it!! .... I was sure I wasnt going to hit it , it was supposed to be quick ...But I had hit it... a sudden-silence in the room ... walls gazing at my right hand .... 'the quicker one' ... my heart skips a beat ... I had just killed a fly ....though it all took less than one second to complete the guilt.... it seemed like I was trapped in a silent-room for hours ...repenting my act...

Perhaps , many a times when your life seems longer than its supposed to be.... times when we do something unsatisfying ,tiring, like standing in a queue with 56 people in front and 22 behind for four hours...is far more longer than watching India Vs. Pakistan match for more than 8 hours...Life does seem longer if it is filled with unpleasent-conditions...but then whose up for that.....?....So...do you want a longer life?...think again...