"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Jan 16, 2009

The Deja Vu'

Below I saw so many silhouttes , I almost fantasized them to be me."

Being an undergrauate for so many years isn't much of a fun experience to share . I think all of us agree to a good extent that at any particular college , you have limited things you do to kill time besides academics. Just to throw some light on what I'd just put forward , you know the usual things like , going for a dinner to the same place with almost the same group , chatting all night long (even extending to the next morning) about topics that have been talked about before , going to classes and coming back in the evening pretending to be tired , then bugging friends about stuff ... then maybe listen to your favourite song whenever you have time and simulataneously transcending through time with a plethora of feelings. Its all repetition , a cycle , and it goes round and round as long as you remain at this place.

Emotions apart , you have that thing at the back of your head , that little glot , the insecurity of what future will be like.Each one of us has it , some are confident enough to smoothly travel thorugh tough times , some of us reluctant enought to share ... At my stage , and like many others ,we are very concerned about how the world feels like , Yes the world , it has a feeling attached to it now. The minute there's a terrorist attack , no matter how many zillions of miles away some carnage takes place, it does affect our lives too , we are now Global citizens , if economy of some nation suffers , you suffer.In every case whatever is the world 'health' is like ..in some very indirect way it affects our lives too. And in a very good way , we are all ruled by money , now , when I say that I never mean that we are all money hungry douche bags , I just mean that we all need money , at some point of time in life to sustain , attract partners and grow even richer kids.

So the deja vu' that becomes an important part of our lives , infact lives of many like me , stuck in this weird place becomes irritating is a very lucid manner.You know like nothing is forced upon you , but we all are travelling by the same ship , we were born here , we were never forced to board it... 

Now when I have almost a few months left in my bag to finish this 'being an undergraduate' feeling , the feeling which has left me with some repetitive thoughts  , with repeptitive activites , I am almost glad this is going to happen soon. But like every human , I am also touched by it , the repeptitive college life is infact what we all yearn for.When we came here , we hated the change of leaving home , and now when we leave ...we will hate it again.