"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Feb 20, 2009

Soul In a Bottle

As the small traces of life sprayed upon your dead lifeless stare
The sudden rush through my veins slowly amalgamated with the poised air
When the winter began , I was still ineffable in your smiles
Amidst the naked trees ,  the fallen maple leaves canopied for miles
If I had one wish ,  I would run away from all the shine and grandeur
Till I reach the door to your eyes , and then in you I'd wander...

Feb 7, 2009

The Algebra of 'Two' Sides

There was  a scene in the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries' , in which the main character swims across a river which segregates the people who are 'cured' from the people who are 'affected' by leprosy , so that he can celebrate his birthday on the other side of the river with the ones who are suffering. This act changed his life forever , whatever he thought about himself was wrong.There was an intervention from the surroundings which changed his lifestory forever . And instead of going back to his home down south , he stayed there and fought with the ones who were affected. The 'once a tourist' now became one of them .
There was a lady in 1400's , she used to work in farms for most of her life. Very non-entity , she played no role in her area'a politics . One day she had a vision from God ,a divine intervention that she should lead her country's army. All other options tried and failed, the leaders of the country decided to hand over the control of the army to her.She went on to turn the tides of entire battles before her 18th birthday.
There was one more guy , in North America , lived almost the same time as the character of 'The Motorcycle Diaries'  and he had a strong inspiration from his own community's battered souls,he went on to fight for civil rights , equality and freedom for all especially the culturally destitute. He ended up on similar lines as Gandhian way of working out things , that is with non-violence.
All three of them were born in different continents , were assassinated and had interventions , some divine , some cultural and some were self-motivated. The first one is now a youth icon , second one was canonised and is now sacred to christianity and the last one went on to become the youngest noble laureate of his time. 
If all of the above was an interesting read , well my benign welcome to the rest of the post. Because whats coming next would be even better. 

We live in times in which every 'today' is a fight for a better 'tomorrow'. And none of us enjoys the 'better tomorrow' , because then next day is also a fight for a better 'day-after-tomorrow'  , in the process , long and tedious we forget to enjoy the present. But obviously there is something complete opposite , last three lines didn't make sense for us as students. We have no tomorrow or today , we have tutorials! , a monday ,a tuesday and then a thursday maybe (combinations change with individuals)  , a good tutorial is a 'better today' , a bad one means a fight for a 'better tomorrow'. 
There are pretty depressing things about our good lives. We as extravagant future visionaries are vagabonds! , we have been moving from one place of learning to another , every few years and at the end , we want jobs not entirely related to 95% of our academic life. As I had said in my previous posts and as lives around me go on cementing my beliefs further ,it is infact true that the sole aim is to grow richer kids. Well if you don't believe me , think .. Think why your parents have been working hard , and why you are supposed to work hard , and how in future , you are going to teach future generations to work hard .This goes on pretty smoothly till an economic slowdown comes and takes along all the hardwork down the drain. So somehow , even if everything seems in control , there is an uncertainty travelling along like a monstrosity. 
So what are you?  ..a by-product of world's great plan to earn money?  Certainly not , Why should we? , We are humans , we have feelings , We are a carnage of multiple moods !.. Lets simplify this , we are a talent pool , we are feelings coupled with our talents , we compete , we evolve , make friends in the process and give them birthday gifts!... right? , social planetarians!  , right from the day we used to get 'stars and chocolates' from our junior school teachers to the day we get a good grade from professors, we are same.We want good remarks , we want satisfaction and a social circle. So I think finally now we are moving in the right direction. Now we know what we are.Generalists.

Lets come out of this now  , enough of human psycho-analysis , the three people I talked about before dragging you into the lengthy italics blabbering  were Che Guevara , Joan Of Arc and Martin Luther King Jr.
There is a contrast between a Generalist ideology I have put in italics and the lives of these three. They weren't Michael Schofield of Prison Break , or some Heroes ' protagonist .They all were killed/assassinated early in their lives , Joan Of Arc wasn't even 20. These three have appealed to me a lot in the sense that they define a new meaning to 'age' , it doesn't matter how many years you go on to live. Make sure you do something in as little time , and be remembered for it for manifolds your years of existence. As more and more of us are being dragged into this economy crazy society , urbane approach , we are being made to forget the fight we have.
Come on , how many of us have ideas of making sure the day we start earning , we will , with all our academic knowledge , will go on to solve nation's problems. Very few. Actually the thinking of 90's is archaic now , we actually don't have enough water , fuel and food to support the whole of population , plus we are losing on so many species , and still all we want is to be future CEO's of a multistoreyed building.So what are you going to do about it? , Italics Generalist Approach , or learn from the 'three' ? If I have been even a bit inspirational in my way of communicating the message , I had be more than satisfied. I am still not taking sides or blaming anyone.I have the options listed in front of you.Choose yours while I choose mine.
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