"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Jun 19, 2006

My Own Prison

Shackles all around me , my only chains are the given one,
These iron bars are like vertical , downfalls of my own somone,
I stand on the tattered-floor , and out of the window I summon,
While I shout and scream , Sigh is the only sound hearable in my space,
Maybe they never heard my voice , or maybe its a different case...
And though all of them wanted pretty houses above the hills , I was on a different mission,
Arms held up high , I was floating in the air while I could see four walls making My Own Prison,
I dont welcome you here , this is a doomed paradise, happy sunrise swept away my the stone-walls,
Though the merciful God is shy all along , I keep my ears open to hear if someone calls,
I will wait forever through the seasons and the times,
A peaceful soul inside , I cry at my own crimes.... .. BJ


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