"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Apr 15, 2006

Its time yet again , to start thinking about the ways we can tell the psenti-semites to leave this place ,Pilani , all assocs , deptt , clubs busy fixing the dates . I still remember the vela timepass-sessions had with the Dofies , God{!} (xclaim!!) we were killing time or perhaps being killed by time slowly , gulped by the marshy thick layers of stagnant water...... I did screw up my last sem acads , but I havent got many reasons why , ....hell with that ....this sem , Though I am not still studying , But i am pretending to make sure to thyself that I am trying..... yet again my normal day is again iterated by net-surfing at IPC , listening my beloved-MP4 player , sleeping , been gussing baski 4 dignity , otherwise I would have completely fooked-up my acads , but by God's Will , except one damn subject , I am NOT atleast getting screwed.... though I am still loving it with the fellow Dofies....and to some extent with fellow DoTites ... Its time to bid farewell to one of the best guys around in campus...The ones who are puzzled , dont roam around searching for him .... dont come to me , just close this window and go do better things ....

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