"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Apr 27, 2006

A letter to Thyself

Dear Bandan,

Actually things never happened
It was not my fault nor anyone else's
And now when everything got swept away ,
Like a thunderstorm sweeps the city away..
Now when everything that happened seems like a fading-hue...
When the sky above me , is all black-n-blue..
When the scorching heat , further salts my wounds..
And all that is left is this , but I know wounds are meant to get healed..
I havent lost hope , just a momentary lapse...
Unknown reasons , a confused someone..
Heated up discussions ...... no particular reason..
Sulking into an AbySS , I know , it seems all so divine..
Someone has to understand , I know things would be fine... ;)



  1. hmm.... very interestin... liked dis particular entry a lot wo=idout ne reason as such.... u reallly write well...

  2. thnx mahima...added yr blog to my Blog's list...!

  3. Anonymous11:24:00 AM

    hey! :)
    i jst went thru my blog entries again... and u are right :) way too personal.. dunno wat was i thinkin.. neway.. i have changed my url for jaded...though will keep on writing into it... :)
    and sumtime i guess will create another blog which is a lil more genral... :)
    bol to u too... even though jst 2 compres to go! :) cnt wait to get bak home


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