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May 23, 2006

The picture is of the days when BITS Alumni and Students were helping the Tsunami Victims to regain back their lost dreams...In this picture is seen a man wearing a BITS,Pilani T-Shirt ...with BITS written in ASCII binary-codes..


  1. beautiful pic!!
    simply superb.

  2. The graduating students of BITS Pilani are known to put to best the broad based integrated approach of BITS education for solving multidisciplinary problems and thus the BITSunami initiative evolves a novel rural transformation model in the Indian Scenario.

  3. BITSunami and Corporates Make a Difference to 'Killer Wave Victims'
    The BITS Pilani Alumni Tsunami Rehabilitation Trust BITSunami targets to arrive at replicable models of rural transformation by tackling the problems in killer wave affected Nagappattinam villages through a holistic and multi disciplinary approach.


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