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May 15, 2006

Reservation Blues
Homecoming was fruitful , relieved from that boiling land of pilani ... Just the previous night , my nocturnalness was still at its very best (thanks to BITS,Pilani ) , It was a long time since I last switched on to the NDTV news channel , generally I am good at watching news when there's nothing else interesting coming on the other channels , I found out that this reservation thing was getting worse , students being beaten up by the hawaldars , the demonstrations are also making ther fingers count in other parts namely Amritsar/Orissa/Mumbai/Delhi , and somehow I sense that this may end up as a nationwide doctors-strike at the end of this month , I wont like to put up my opinion here as these demonstrations to me , nothing more than the uglier-side of an indian , someone who will not miss an oppurtunity to dive into the ongoing procession and to raise his voice for any damn cause .
The DaVinci Code , well, an interesting piece of religious relolution,perhaps religion demolition ... the book did a great business , so will the movie, no doubts. But then ... even though the movie is doing great business , and no christian in all other christian-majority countries never opposed the screening of the movie .... it was the 'indian-christian' who though that the movie is against his religious-beliefs , I wont say its his fault , just an uglier-side of an indian ....demonstrations....and more demonstrations ... and somehow you and me , irrespective of how much we hate the system , will put up our voice in it and further ignite the already burning issue ...


  1. I totally agree with you on both the issues, I think all these demonstrations are politically motivated, anyway.

  2. and I read your other blog Cosmo Psych, and the post on Astrology... I totally and completely agree with you even there...its a refreshing change to find someone who questions things like Astrology. Keep going!

  3. thanks...infact i just been to delhi last week , saw the med students fighting it out in the summer heat to oppose reservation... it was heartening to see them...


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