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Nov 11, 2006

Note: The proxy is no more working.I have deleted the URL due to some personal reasons.

This thing came to my mind this very morning , I thought that I have been supplying orkut proxies daily to numerous people , why dont I do such a thing , which would reduce my workload and allow others to surf without wandering around in search of proxies.Ofcourse the URL can be accessed in other institutes too , but titling it "Just for BITSians" made it more penetrating in the minds of people.Some information on how it works:
  • There are circumventors on the net which believe in internet freedom of each individual surfer and thus supply proxies to let people surf whatever they intend to, these proxies somehow reach us in the hostels (at BITS) , and the IPC people block it , then we are in wait for more proxies ....
  • So what I did was , take one primaryURL , which redirects your browser to another secondary URL which is a proxy the circumventor supplies.Now as the circumventor provides new proxies , I manually get them and redirect to them through the primary URL which is "currently" www.orbitskut.coz.in
  • Now , IPC people may just block this primary URL of mine too , but I have taken precautions , as in inserted the word "bits" in it ..I guess you get why I did that ...

Problems that may happen : Circumventor may stop working , the URL may get blocked somehow , delay in next proxy supply by the Circumventor...

I guess thats it , but I am in the process of making it more foolproof as of now , till then enjoy the meat...



  1. Anonymous4:07:00 PM

    www.orbitskut.coz.in is now blocked...could you come up with another link please...

    An admirer

  2. Even i agree with your admirer. Would like to brainstorm with me about the same let me know.

  3. kindly tell me where has it been blocked/??...

  4. That's a Good One.. Keep it Up.. It's up and running again..


  5. HA HA
    BhaDDA :-)



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