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Oct 27, 2006

Reservation Issue Back in News
This morning's TOI diverted a good amount of attention , especially , when it had something to do with BITS,Pilani .
"In a major setback to the antiquota campaign , private unaided institutes like BITS Pilani , Manipal and Symbiosis on Thursday unanimously agreed to implement the 27% reservation for OBC's "
-Times Of India
"A group of deemed universities including some prestigious ones today backed HRD Minister Arjun Singh's move for reservation in unaided institutes but BITS, Pilani, strongly opposed it................However, opposing the move, BITS said they were not part of the meeting convened by the HRD Ministry....................................According to BITS, merit must be the only criteria for admissions, he said adding so as to ensure homogenous input into the higher education system. "
Well , the above few extracts do present the true picture as compared to the TOI one . Talking to many of my friends , this news has come as a shock to us , thus violating the age-old BITS tradition of admission strictly on merit-basis . The reservation implementation will take some time before it is fully part of the admission process as several factors like the fee structure have to be taken into account.
I could have been the guy on TV burning Arjun Singh's mannequin , but only for these tests and quizzes , I must confess I can do nothing except write about it...

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