"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Aug 6, 2010

A Thousand You

Lines for One Perfect Star
Acting on a million crowdy stages,
Talking to strangers, monks and sages,
No one ever uttering a word. . .
We're lost in a one big maze,
In between ,we look at each other 
.. hiding our clandestine gaze.

Dancing and flying with millions more,
Conversing through melodies, opening doors,
Each smile testifies end of the war. . .
In between, we look at the skies
... looking for that perfect star.

Born between now and then,

In between , there were a million hues,
Its a circle , Oh! a vicious  one too. . .
What goes around, comes back around,
In between, I crossed myself to be you. 


  1. Anonymous6:45:00 PM

    makes me think of the insignificance that is an individual...thank you, i love it

  2. Anonymous10:30:00 PM

    This one is just too insightful Bandan..!!

  3. What goes around, cums around...
    beautiful... very insightful...
    So BITS PILANI... another engineer!! good good..

    gonna browse ur blog more

  4. Anonymous12:48:00 AM

    This was very insightful and profound..
    Made me think of the huge universe and with super dimension called Time...filled with specks of human life.

    A lovely read, Bandan...

  5. Anonymous7:44:00 AM

    Beautiful blog and it been a wonderful read on this poem, life cycle will keep going on round and round and things that happened in between can sometimes be really unexpected of=D

  6. @unprecedentedintellectual:
    Thanks! :)

    @Jingle: Thanks for commenting and for the awards too ! :) Keep coming back!

    @rhythmofmysoul: Thanks a lot! Keep coming back :)

    @Anky: What do you mean by another engineer? ;) lol j/k.. anyways I like the part where you say 'browsing my blog more' , keep doing that! :)

    @kavisionz: Thanks a lot , I exactly wanted to depict that through those lines! :)

    @riika: Thanks , and yes , In between , things can be surprising , but this is the part where life becomes exciting ! :)

  7. Anonymous7:52:00 PM

    Nice stuff, my friend. Digging your blog.



  8. Thanks Luke!

    Keep coming back!

  9. Well am an engineer too.... NITian.. :)

  10. wow , thats cool. So are you working?

    hey add me on facebook!


  11. Anonymous6:44:00 PM

    hm...very interesting. to me it sounds like the interminglings of each and every heart and soul of the world.......great piece :)

  12. Thnks Belladona!
    Keep coming back :)

  13. Anonymous11:47:00 AM

    I liked this poem! I feel like you did a wonderful job connecting the pieces. I also really like the idea of "conversing through melodies".

  14. Thanks Lauren :) Keep coming back.

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  16. nice poem bandan! like your blog! cheers :)


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