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May 28, 2010

Why wouldn't I climb Mt.Everest some summer?

Out of all the insane and highly impractical ideas and dreams I have in life, I am not very sure about this one. I thought maybe (probability 0.25), well maybe (probability 0.001) , I could think of taking a shot at Mt.Everest after like 15 years. I am not sure of this , but I have these plans , really over-the-top plans of doing things because mediocrity has sucked in almost everything except this great nature's erection. Its almost like each one of us , even the most douche-bag of an engineering graduate would think of becoming a CEO of some company one day. Its not always possible for them, then of-course, many of these CEO-cum-hippie-culture-inflicted-wannabe's would open their own firms and put themselves on the top just to claim a dream they could never have.

So why Mt. Everest? why not just go to Simla and come back from an over-used tourist dust-bag (this when I heard about 5 Bihar dudes landing up in Simla aspiring to start a Maoist movement :\ , how lame) or go to Rohtang (orgasmic hill-station for all north indians) and take pleasure in aunties falling in the desperate attempt to try out their newly hired eskimo clothes and shoes on smooth ice. But I don't want to, because its plain and blatant , mediocrity sucks. Well, it happens with me. Almost 33% of times, I end up knowing that people have already done what I had planned to be totally cool and *new*, this world is that fast. So when I was a kid, fed-up of all the mediocrity, I decided I would grow up to be someone that everyone else couldn't be. I grew up, and observed everyone is someone that everyone else can't be. This world is that sucker-ty!

So I have dropped a lot of super-awesome plans along the way , like the Mt.Everest one. This came about when I read about this 13 year old boy called Jordon Romero who climbed Mt.Everest. Ok cool ! , but what was I doing when I was 13? , I was probably looking forward to an awesome 5 year puberty plan and maybe having a totally-not-feasible crush on a girl in my class.... If the Jordon case wasn't enough , take this , totally illiterate, less than quarter-awesome and ugly-looking-but-smarter-than-Shrek Apa Sherpa climbed the Everest 20 times , 20 times!! , that is 5 times more than I triumphed pahadi during my entire BITSian life :\ ..

If I had been preparing for IITJEE 2012 , I would have given it up already. Partly because I would have died after completing my first semester,thanks to the Mayan Calendar :\ .. and secondly because of this homie-boy (thanks to Jay-Z) named Sahal Kaushik , this dude is 14 year old and has cleared IIT this year . Ok super-awesome, but what was I doing when I was 14? I was probably now left with 4 more years of puberty plan and still wondering whether I should go for another girl or still not give up on her.... :\ , pretty mundane eh? .. So just like this, I have been dropping plans. Perhaps Everest still seems feasible , maybe I would kill the Sherpa and climb it 21 times to atleast get my name in the newspapers, or maybe get my name as many times as possible to beat Arindam Choudhary ...who knows.. :\

The point is not how many times I had to give up my plans , but the number of times I learnt the same thing: 'any age is old-enough to start something new' . Why not go out in the sun and start practicing your favorite sport now? Why not take up that book you always wanted to read now? Why not look good today because you would never look this awesome one day after now? Why not start today? Don't be a douche-bag ..! .. Start early , procrastinate later.


  1. prashast12:38:00 PM

    really gud 1 bandy!!
    "what was I doing when I was 13? , I was probably looking forward to an awesome 5 year puberty plan and maybe having a totally-not-feasible crush on a girl in my class....".....truly hilarious!!!

  2. thanks prashast , that was frankness at its best ;)

  3. as that Kabir's doha said "Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab, Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge KAb"

    we all had those puberty 5 year plans :)

  4. Just one word - laziness. Bane of my life :(

  5. @Harry: Kabir is exactly right on that one , but I guess we all learn the hard way :)

    @sunayana: I guess our lifestyle over the past few years has made us so :|

  6. nice thought..almost inspiring :P

  7. @anahita : its inspiring for only those jinko koi kaam hai but they r lazing arnd , and not for those who are just lazing arnd :P

  8. well,"mast" post like always...n now i am thinking,what the hell was i doing when i was 13 :D

  9. Thanks luv ! glad u liked it!
    and kya hua , you aren't blogging these days? busy?

  10. well,i have so much to write abt,but maybe not getting clear,so much happening ard..will try n post something soon :)


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