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Jul 14, 2008

[Music] Some things that get me a High.

Well , I was just bored , I thought of compiling some sick beats that you can move to anytime of the day.I have heard each of these like so many times and they all do a lot of good for your ears and body.

Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Techno)
Bubba Sparxx - Deliverance ( Country Rap)
50 Cent - In Da Club (Mainstream Rap)
Trick Feat Eminem - Welcome To Detroit City ( Wicked Beats)
Lil Sach - Sara Pind Mitran Da (Carries that 'Proud Punjabi' Tag)
Punjabi MC - Je Yaar (Old School Gurdaas Mann)
Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch

Further additions to the List:
Justin Timberlake - Senorita (Thanks To Vega)
Tupac ft. Dre - California (Thanks to Anony)

P.S. I hate Bollywood.

Drop me a line if you have some better 'wicked-beats' genre songs.


  1. I think senorita by jt can also come in the list..its not exactly wicked but its weird..combination of r&b and pop..I like it a lot..

  2. lemme hear it , I 'll get back to you........

  3. Anonymous2:51:00 PM

    I think I remember some song from TuPAC feat Dre collab, it was California somfin...


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