"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Sep 14, 2007

[Life]:The Story Of All Of Us

.. I sometimes imagine myself walking for hours in a cobblestone narrow street with no horizon to the road , maybe there were many others along with me , but I was a bit too selfish , and that has nothing to do with my ego , just my thoughts , but maybe we all are like this ...

Not soo tired by the night , I still need the sleep , waking up to another 'pursuit of Happiness' day , but maybe we all do ... It actually has been so long , you don't really mind whether that pursuit has been achieved or not by the end of the day, you are again satisfied by the night's sleep , or maybe by sacrificng it , but maybe we all do...

All the things that came back to me from the past carry a 'spooky' tag , they wander around me , tease me , waste my time , but it has been so long , it doesnt matter now who's actually eating up my time.. but maybe we all do talk about our past , and sometimes conclude how shameful it was to be the younger 'you' .. and now when you feel you are a better person , the 'past' is already too late to fall in love with you again .. Wandering around your bed , freaking you out , making fun and finally leaving through the open window ... but maybe all spooky things end like this..maybe mine too...

Twinkling stars in the black blanket of the sky...
Shiny waters in the blue carpet of the sea...
The daily sun and the same smiling faces..
My friends , enemies and my grudges..
They fail another breath , and inhale me..
And all I see is silhouttes by the night..

Next time onwards , maybe we all will try to pretend an excuse ...


  1. sunayana7:55:00 PM

    Saw this after a long time.. you write really well.

  2. thnx sunayana :))))

  3. Anonymous11:19:00 PM

    wow! amazing the way you put your thoughts in..!


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