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Dec 19, 2009

Yahoo-ligans! ....and Symbolism!

It is now very apparent that the thin line between observing and then executing has been widening now. Even though all the cumulative efforts of the intellectual lot of the human race over the period of couple of thousand years were directed at more vivid and clear understanding of observation skills and the required actions, we have miserably failed to comply with it and have ended up being symbols.

It is not only visible in world politics, public and social environments but also very much pervaded in our own lives. Being morally conscious has just become a part of wider symbolism. All our customs, traditions and religious rituals have become very symbolic in the sense that they all inklings towards the teachings of our prophets and the men we consecrate.In a very lucid sense, we are all now what we were told that we are , when we were born and not actually what we are meant to be. We have adopted lifestyles and routines that are more rewarding and more lucrative during the time we practice them but they slowly turn into totally worthless habits of selfish desires when it all ends someday.

When I say 'we', I am not addressing anyone in particular but those who do understand what I have and will be saying.. are getting self-addressed here. The magic wands of our leaders in form of eloquent speeches serve the purpose of assuring the country men that we will eventually be safe someday, but they fail to execute it to the level where we start witnessing the change actually. The fault not entirely lies with them. When the sheep are all indifferent , the shepherd's authority is just a symbol of worthless power.I hope you understand about the prevalent symbolism in every human endeavor I am talking about.

It exists in our lives , in our education system and every model that is attached to our lives. The protests and wars over country borders , state borders , separate independent extremist struggles , struggle for minority emancipation and struggle for much more are all part of a wider term called symbolic-protests. All these protests are real to start with , become horrible when violence chips in but end up being symbolic when they are not helped or their demands not realized as they should have. As they say "One side's freedom fighter is other side's terrorist", so you are never sure which side is right, its relative . The two political sides pounce on each other and don't actually take into consideration for whom they are actually working,that is "we". Talk about our own Government, even though things don't look that bad in the context of the present, but over a period of time, this so called democracy has just been a foul play.As I said in my previous posts, if you put worms and flies together and elect a beetle as their leader there is meant to be a chaos.In situation like ours, where our Government is concerned about the Maoists , the Telangana problem , the North Indian power struggle, the J&K border problem, the Gorkhaland problem, the Marathi chauvinism in Maharasthra , the Orissa and Gujarat riots, Arunanchal Pradesh border problem and the countless extremist organisations like RSS , VHP and Bajrang Dal who are venomous, India is a perfect potpourri. But it doesn't get worse even then , our prime minister still has the courage to deal with all these problems and still go to Copenhagen climate summit at Denmark and claim India will cut emissions. Like the poor care if India would cut emissions or not, they are smart enough to know that out of all that is possible , this is certainly not their revival plan. One way or another, India does not stand for highly popular three words 'unity in diversity' , but it stands for a country still living with its cuts and wounds and would continue to do so as long as we have diversity.In this sense, diversity becomes our strength, it atleast gives us a reason why there are problems in India unlike other countries who have a single religion and closely bounded communities and still fail to prove "unity in uniformity"!!!

Symbolism in the world is very prevalent, lets leave aside India. Take the United States, they stand for power, thats their symbol if India's is "morality". So everything they do stands for power.Even in the recent COP-15 summit, USA was meant to dictate the terms at the table, Obama's symbolic great speech's were meant to influence the great leaders present. This symbolism of 'power' has been existing even at the Israel-Palestinian border, Indo-Pak Border ,Afganistan and Iraq .

The problem that the world faces today is that its too much of symbolism and no action. The governments know that the protesters will ultimately tire down, some might even be killed but eventually nothing would happen, protests have become a 'symbol' and actually do not influence Governments anymore, take the case of Maoists who are protesters-turned-militants. Take LK Advani's Rath Yatra through which he pervaded Hindutva through the lengths of the country but not making much sense since the country has five more religions!.. probably he forgot it and in order to appeal to the Muslims later, went to Pakistan and praised Jinnah!! Indian politicians eventually end up opening the Pandora'a Box. Even in our own lives, though we endorse greener environment , we actually do not actively involve in it, we just support it like that would help, our thoughts have become 'symbols' which are moral but eventually are failures.

Symbolism in India has affected it much more than many other countries if I talk of. Symbolism combined with action is what we really need. A good example is Gandhi's Dandi March to make Salt , it was symbolic as it struck at the core of British economy and was obviously very practical. We may learn small and big things from life about relationship, society , cultures and more. But it makes no sense if we just follow our religions and our cultures just for the sake of symbolism, we have to live through them and carry them forward through actions, which was what I started this post with.If we want changes, we need our own actions and not mere protesting. You are not XYZ because you were born XYZ, if you don't like XYZ... you better be ABC , I don't care but then be an awesome ABC ..!


  1. "we are all now what we were told that we are , when we were born and not actually what we are meant to be."....totally agreed.
    but ppl cant take it,if xyz turns into abc,they cant digest...they dont allow this,which causes xyz to act as xyz,n be abc from within,thus causing all hypocrisy,n diplomacy in this world.
    Hope zayada confusing nahi tha,loved ur post,lagge raho :)

  2. Thanks a lot luv! =)


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