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Dec 10, 2005

I was wondering whether what we do here at BITS , is of any use to me? ... I could see people cramming physics from lecture-slides , the day before the exams , God! ..since when did people start cramming physics??? , the whole idea of learning has changed . People hate Bio , just because they want to be engineers , since when did Learning curve stop at some point where you think it is not the path you had rather like to take. The only thing I have learnt here at BITS , is 'meeting people' , and cramming physics maybe'....but to sum it up , BITS really sucks as compared to IIT's.... I had my physics-finals today , and they had given IITJEE question for students to solve... Since when did a good reputed engg. college start giving questions from another good college's entrance exams...?..... and Grading systems sucks BIG TIME , students with marks difference of 40 getting the same grades....!!! ...pathetic!...Anyways I have my ThermoD exams on 13th... lets see..

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