"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Apr 17, 2011

Sametime But Next Season

The stories we live are destiny's ink
Written on papers so plastic . they never decay
So We prayed , We loved and so much else We tried
We became heroes who were remembered
and legends who never died.
The questions we ask have no answers sometimes
Hidden in sands of time, they just blow away
So We ran away , We sought the truth for miles
We became wanderers by nature
Looking over mountains while standing on Isles
The conversations just slip away during silence
Within our minds, the words just locked away
So We became known by faith, lesser by reasons
We felt like Clouds in the Blue Skies
Running for each other amidst changing seasons


  1. This is awesome......

    Thanks for leading me here.

    Join Jingle Poetry potluck tonight at 8pm, American central, share 1 to 3 poems...


    Bless your day.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful, and very powerful (smile). I look forward to visiting again.

  3. wow. this is fabulous...thanks for stopping in today...those closing lines wrap this up magically...look forward to a return visit...

  4. Anonymous5:05:00 AM

    I really like this piece! The images in the poem are very strong. I really like the idea of being written on plastic paper so they don't decay.

  5. Anonymous7:19:00 AM

    Nicely lyrical poem - thank you for the link - I shall be back

  6. Beautifully done. I'm glad you shared this. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to see a new face.

  7. Anonymous9:09:00 AM

    well OF COURSE i'll read this and i always leave comments :)..... And I truly have to thank you for sharing it with me, this was an exceptional piece. I wonder, the lines in italics obviously have their significance, but were they an allusion? I ask because I tend to use allusions often, and was curious :)

  8. Anonymous5:46:00 PM

    Great job Bandan... The pix and poem together work very well.


  9. Lovely, and the image was perfect.

  10. Anonymous11:06:00 AM

    Very Nice !!!

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