"Life is about turning dilemmas into curiosities, talents into passions and seconds into eternity"

Aug 23, 2011

The Song

The first time I listened to 'My December' , I was in the Eleventh Grade sitting in my hostel balcony, it was 2003. It was December , my favorite month. I am not a summer guy. Decembers are like winters are, birds don't chirp a lot , people talk a little less and its mostly silent , a perfect to time to ponder . Decembers remind me of year ends , the year that was and the last month before the year that would be. I find myself here in this month every single year during foggy North Indian nights. I remember I could barely see a few meters , it helped ,because anyways who wanted to see more? 

Its been eight years and I am listening to 'My December' again after the first time I did. I am sure lot might have changed between the last time you heard 'Your Song' and now when you hear it, it reminds you of the exact mood when you heard it last and how it made you feel. Eight years and life hasn't slowed down a bit , its a running horse.I am again standing in my balcony. All these years , subtle flashbacks remind me of the streets I walked on , the minimum times I clocked cycling to the other side of the town.The people I liked , people I forgot and the people I had to forget.And The people I never met again. And people I never wanted to meet again. The smiles I forced , the smiles they forced.Right from getting on stage to perform for a few of them to being backstage to make others perfect for a few of them. Right from deciding my limitations to forcing myself to re-write them. A lot happened in these eight years.

I finished school. Got over with college. Had my first salary. Had my first date. Traveled the country. Joined Facebook. Joined Orkut.Left Orkut. Moved from listening to Rock , then Trance and now Dubstep. Saw two anti-corruption movements in the country.Experienced a global recession.  Saw dictators fall.Saw democracies rise.  All in these eight years. So why call it just a song?


  1. Oh my god! That is such a beautiful song! Thank you so much for reminding me!

    x, Mri


  2. Its an absolute treat to listen to a beautiful song again after 8 years ..hmpph :)

  3. It is :) Thanks for your comment btw :) I think Linkin Park and Cold are so good, though I think Linkin Park isn't what it used to be... I like their old songs and I'm not so fond of their new cd...


  4. Linkin has changed a lot but they will always be remembered for their old stuff. It has a loyal fan following and I am one of them :)

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